SubServers 2 2.13.2c

The Server Management Platform

  1. GUI Update

    This update makes some tweaks to the GUI and solves a problem with the loader. (also, I threw an easter egg in this update. It won't effect anything if you don't know about it though :))
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  2. SubServers.Bungee supports multiple installs!

    Now SubServers.Bungee supports multiple bukkit installs via MySQL. (for those larger bungee networks)
    Notice: Delete sql.yml before updating or you'll get a ClassCastException!

    Code (Text):
    # Connect to multiple subservers databases like this
        hostname: ""
        port: 3306
        username: "root"
        password: "password"
        database: "Database"
        hostname: ""
        port: 3306
        username: "root"
        password: "password"
  3. SubCreator is more Customizable

    This update adds more options for SubCreator I'll briefly explain them: You can now customize the build script (don't remove the version tag though)
    Bukkit-Plugins: Bukkit plugins! Its contents will be copied to 'plugins' when a Spigot or Bukkit server is created
    Spigot-Plugins: For the spigot-only plugins. Its contents will be copied to 'plugins' when a Spigot server is created.
    Sponge-Mods: Forge Mods/Sponge Plugins! Its contents will be...
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  4. Compatibility for Servers without SQL

    Servers that don't have access to a MySQL server can once again use SubServers. (In the same way they were before)

    To Disable SQL, simply put an invalid URL for hostname

    • Re-Add non-SQL communication to Bungee
    • Fix bug on '/sub reload' when SQL isn't connected
    • Speed up non-SQL activation
    • Move SubServers Client to it's own page
    • Minor Changes
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  5. SubServers Client & MySQL

    This update makes the switch to MySQL and adds SubServers Client. SubServers Client adds the SubServers commands to whatever server you'd like (as long as it's on the database).

    • Swap to SQL
    • Add SubServers Client
    • Add "/Sub list"
    • Update API methods to use OfflinePlayer
    • Update Event Dispatcher
    • Remove Proxy checks
    • Speed up the #getServer() methods refresh rate
    • Give all Events their own classes
    • Update Metrics
    • Give Classes less generic names
    • Many Minor...
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  6. Misc update #3

    More Misc Changes!

    - Added getServer() method for getting information about SubServers
    - /go now only displays servers that are Online
    - default lang value updates
    - Minor Fixes
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  7. Misc Update #2

    This update features misc changes as well as fixes!

    • Fixed Bungee bug with MOTDs & Colour Codes
    • SubCreator now logs to SubCreator-<software>-<version>.log on create
    • Replace old "stop-after" with AutoRestart Support
    • Made Server names in "/go" clickable
    • Players now teleport to "fallback_server" when kicked from a Server
    • Minor Fixes
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  8. SubCreator can now create Sponge Servers

    This Update adds Sponge to the list of Buildable Servertypes. Currently the only version that sponge supports is "1.8" so putting any version above that will result in error.

    Other Changes:
    - Updated some default lang values
    - Minor fixes
  9. Linux SubCreator Fix

    SubCreator is now compatible with more Unix systems than before! This will make creating servers easier for people who couldn't before. Remember: SubCreator Still has the same Requirements as BuildTools
  10. Minor Fixes

    This update contains a lot of minor tweaks I made while using SubServers.

    - Fixed bug where (some) bungee plugins request SubServers config instead of their own.
    - Added support for chat links and colors when using Bungee permissions:
    - Lots of minor changes