SubServers 2 2.13.2d

The Server Management Platform

  1. Creator Update for Windows

    ** This Update only effects Windows Users **

    This Update changes the way SubServers Creator uses Git Bash for Windows Users. If you're using Windows and having issues Building a SubServer using SubServers 1.8.8e, then you should get this update.
  2. SubServers Creator & SubEvent API

    SubServers Creator:
    SubServers Creator is a new way to create SubServers. Using the in-game GUI you can create new Subservers! Just click the "Create..." option in the Bottom right corner and setup the server as instructed.

    Keep in mind that SubServers still does not Include Minecraft Server Jarfiles, but it builds/downloads them. Tested Working on Windows & Mac OS. (Don't have linux, but it should work as it uses bash)

    Requirements to build a SubServer are the same...​
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  3. RIP SubServers Signs

    This update removes Subserver Signs. The Signs were causing too many issues with the SubServers, and the plugin itself so they were Removed.

    If you really need the SubServer Signs, stick with 1.8.8c or download an extra plugin that provides similar functionality. The Signs may return if they are requested enough though :)

    • Removed SubServer Signs
    • Fixed an issue with windows backslashes parsing wrong
    • Minor Bugfixes
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  4. A Language File Update

    This updates the lang.yml to make the proxy's messages and command messages customizable.

    Other Changes:
    - Fixed a bug in the Command Handler
    - Fixed Permission problem in /go
    - Minor Bugfixes
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  5. Fixes Sign Issues

    Fixes an Issue where if you have no signs it causes an error that disallows the proxy to start/stop properly.
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