Sudden Death Minigame 0.3

Get bow, some arrows and show what you got.

  1. honzapat
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Feel like you want another minigame on your server?
    Grab a bow some arrows and show what you got.​
    • Multi Arena - Make as many arenas as you want limit is you imagination(and probably your hard disk).
    • Customizable - Nearly all messages are customizable so even if you live in Country where English is only for tutti capi players will know what you mean.
    • Easy to setup - There are 4 commands to perform and you are ready to go.
    • Join signs are a thing - Yop they are still alive if anyone wants them.
    • Place sdm.jar in plugin folder.
    • Reload/Restart server
    • Find a great spot to have lobby(players will be tp-ed here after match ends) and execute /sdm setlobby.
    • Create arena by typing /sdm create <arena name>.
    • Find opposite corners of your arena and on 1st execute /sdm setcorner1 <arena name> and on 2nd /sdm setcorner2 <arena name> Its needed to se them in order corner1 and corner2 even if you are tweaking the borders set both corners again(corner2 is making calculation that depends on location of corner1).
    • Find a great spot inside of the arena where you would like players to spawn and execute /sdm setlocation <arena name>.
    • Done players can now type /sdm join <arena name>. But you can take it step further and create a sign with
    • 1st line:
    • 2nd line: [SDM]
    • 3rd line: <arena name>
    • [​IMG]
    • Kits - Does it need any explanation?
    • Bungee mode - If implemented you should be able to join server and vote for map that will be played on that server, after match server can shutdown restart etc...
    • /sdm -> displays help about plugin
    • /sdm join -> joins arena with most players
    • /sdm join <arena> -> joins specific arena
    • /sdm leave -> leaves current arena
    • /sdm list -> lists all arenas
    • /sdm create <arena> -> creates arena
    • /sdm remove<arena> -> removes arena
    • /sdm setlobby -> sets lobby
    • /sdm setlocation <arena> -> sets arena spawnpoint
    • /sdm setcorner1 <arena> -> sets 1st corner
    • /sdm setcorner2 <arena> -> sets 2nd corner

    • -> for players
    • sdm.setup -> for admins to setup arenas

    Iam not legal age to accept payment. If you find any other way of sending me some money as support i will gladly accept it.
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