SuffoXaction 0.1 (beta)

Add oxygen game mechanics

  1. Xactail
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Project still in development
    Contains various glitches in game mechanics
    I will continue to develop it on my own and give updates through my discord

    New game mechanics:
    Zones without oxygen:
    Depending on the layer in which you are (Height "Y") you will enter an area without air, in which you will begin to lose air similar to as if you were underwater, this can be going up a lot or going down a lot, the loss of Oxygen can increase linearly or exponentially, being that you lose more oxygen being in the lower layers, unlike the first layers in which little will be lost.

    Air Recovery:
    New mechanics for obtaining air are added, in addition to the normal way when in areas with air, being these 2 ways:
    - Air bottles:
    Air stored in bottles can be consumed directly from the bottle, filling that amount of air in the player's lungs. If the player overfills his lungs he will die and spawn a Vex called Spirit of the Air. if a bottle is consumed while in an airless area, air may escape from the bottle and no air is added to the lungs.*

    - Air Mask:
    If the player has an air mask, he can hold a bottle that stores air and consume it little by little, in this way it will only be used when the situation warrants it, and consuming only what is necessary.
    Storing air:
    Air bottles can be crafted, melting bottles in normal furnaces to store little amount of air, and melting in a melting furnace to store large amounts of air, the bottles can be remelted several times until the glass of the bottle is completely melted. and become a panel
    *This mechanic is a planned function but currently works as an explanation for a glitch