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SunflowerFields 1.0.2

Create your own sunflower farms!

  1. fromgate

    This plugin brings to game ability to create sunflower farms. You can grow up new sunflowers using sunflower seeds.

    1. Sunflowers seed are based on melon seeds (just renamed). Sunflower stems are melon stems, which will turn into sunflower after maturation.
    2. You must put sunflower seed into soil and it will grow.
    3. New recipe to get sunflower seeds from sunflower.
    4. You can nibble sunflowers seeds :)
    • /sunflower reload — reload configuration
    • sunflowerseeds.nibble — allows to nibble sunflower seeds

    Code (Text):
      seed-name: '&7&6&8&6Sunflower seed' # Name of sunflower seed
      stem-max-age: 5 # Age of stem when it will turn into sunflower
      seed-craft-enable: true # Enable (true) sunflower seed recipe
      allow-manual-place: false # Allows (true) to place sunflowers as a block
        food-level-per-seed: 1 # HP amount restored by one consumed sunflower seed
        max-food-level-restore: 10 # Max HP-level that could be restored by nibbling sunflower seeds
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Recent Reviews

  1. CalamityGreen
    Version: 1.0.1
    Помню то время, когда попросил кого-нибудь сделать этот замечательный плагин. В любом случае, тогда я был вынужден отказаться от него из-за какого-то серьезного бага, но надеюсь, что он теперь исправлен. В любом случае, спасибо за проделанную работу.
  2. Jammers
    Version: 1.0.1
    After restarting server, sunflowers turn into melon seeds and have to replant everything. Otherwise, very creative and great plugin.