SunLight - Server Management Plugin / Essentials (UPDATE SOON!) 3.0.9

Advanced server management plugin with all the features your server need! [1.16 - 1.18]

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese (中文)

    (ETA: Middle of June)

    (upd. 25/05/22)

    SunLight it's a lightweight yet powerful essentials plugin, which contains the most common things for every server management. The plugin is splitted into many parts, which means you can disable any part of the plugin that you don't want to use.

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    ▸ You can disable any part of the plugin!
    ▸ Disabled module will be disabled completely (no memory usage, etc).

    Custom Text Files:

    ▸ There is a special folder for your custom .txt files.
    ▸ Each .txt file registers it's own command to quicky see this file in game!

    Command Manager:

    ▸ Disable any command of this plugin completely (including aliases)!
    ▸ Disabled plugin commands will not register and will not override commands from other plugins.
    ▸ Define custom commands for time management including world time for each command: like /day, /night, etc.
    Command cooldowns:

    ▸ You can add cooldown for any command of any plugin!
    ▸ Cooldown will also work for all command aliases and you not needed to provide all of them.
    ▸ Smart command check: commands like /plugin:command won't bypass the cooldowns!
    ▸ Limitations for /nick command, such as length and black list of words.
    ▸ Configurable time for accept or decline teleport from /tpa.
    ▸ Configurable radius for /near command.
    ▸ Ability to send sounds for private message commands.
    Customizable /list command:

    ▸ Define custom format for each rank.
    ▸ Define custom colors for each rank.

    ▸ Auto-detect player group. [Vault Required]

    AFK Module
    Notify players when someone is enter/exit afk mode and display player afk time.

    Afk Times
    Set different times for each rank before user will automatically enter afk mode (or make it never enter automatically).

    Set Define different times for each before afk player will be kicked while in afk mode (or disable it).

    Custom Actions
    Execute custom actions, when players join or leaves afk mode, such as commands, messages, sounds, particles, and much more!

    Fixer Module
    A simple module that fixes various things, auto-farms and helps with a performance a bit.

    Disable auto-farms, such as fishing and endermans.

    Entity Limiter
    Limit entity spawn per chunk by setting a max. amount for different mob groups (example: 20 animals, 30 monsters, etc.)

    Bans Module
    Provides an ability to mute, warn, kick and ban players and/or specified IP addresses temporary or permanently.

    Uses it's own database handler which does not interferes with the main plugin database. This could be useful when using the plugin on multiple servers of a network to spread the player punishment across all servers.

    List of Reasons
    You can predefine a list of default punishment reasons in the config to easily use them in commands!

    Muted players can not use chat and use certain commands (defined in the config). Mutes can be temporary and permanent. You can also mute IP addresses.

    Simply kick player from the server with specified reason.

    Banned players can not join the server until the ban time is over (or never if ban is permanent). You can ban players by nickname or IP. You can also ban specified IP addresses.
    Range IP bans are not supported.

    Warn players with specified reasons. There is a config setting for the max. amount of warnings a player can have until the certain actions are executed. For example, you can make it so player will be muted after received 3 warnings, etc.

    You can also specify warning decay time, until it will be removed from player (or never if permanent).

    Time Aliases
    There is also config option for the time aliases, so you can simply use for example '5m' to mute player for 5 minutes.

    You can set a list of player names/IPs that can not be punished at all.

    Punishment History / List
    Fully customizable GUIs to browse player's punishment history or a global list of all current punishments, such as mutes, warnings and bans.

    Enhancements Module
    A simple module with a bunch of cool and useful things for the gameplay.

    Allows your players to sit on stairs, slabs and carpets (by default). You can set a list of blocks, where players can sit by right-clicking it.

    Players are able to toggle auto-sit mode by using the command.
    Players are able to sit on the current block/location by using the command.

    Chest Sorting
    Allows your players to automatically sort items in the chests they can use/open. You can define a sort order in the config.

    Players are able to toggle auto-sort mode by using the command.

    Physical Explosions
    Adds a bit of dynamics to the blocks on all explosions.

    Anvil & Sign Colors
    Players with certain permission are able to use colors on anvils and signs.

    Chat Module
    All-in-one chat manager for your server.

    Chat Channels
    Create custom chat channels (such as local, global) with custom format and permissions.

    Set channel as default, where all messages without the channel prefix will be sent.
    Set if players are automatically joins the channel on server join to be able hear chat channel messages.
    Set permission requirement for hearing and sending channel messages.
    Set channel hear radius or make it global.
    Set channel prefix, format and message cooldown.
    Set channel command alias to be able to write in channel, or set the channel as default per player.

    JSON format will never be supported for regular chat messages. Please do not ask to add it.

    Prevent players from typing full upper-case messages and commands.

    Set a min. message length needed for this check.
    Set a min. percent amount of upper-case characters to make message in lower case.
    Set a list of commands, that will be affected by this check (example /tell, /me).
    Set a list of words, that will be ignored by this check in messages.

    Prevent players from typing the same or similar messages in a short amount of time.

    Set a min. percent similarity to prevent sending similar messages (like hi, hiii)
    Set a global cooldown to execute commands.
    Set a list of commands, that will be excluded from this check.

    Join & Quit Messages
    Allows you to display custom player join/quit messages based on player permission group.

    PlaceholderAPI is supported here.

    Death Messages
    Allows you to display custom death messages depends on the player death and killer type.

    PlaceholderAPI is supported here.

    Item Display
    Allows you to display your items in chat for other players.

    Set a placeholder the player have to use to display item in their messages.
    Set an item display format.

    Regular Expression Rules
    Allows you to create custom rules based on regular expressions to prevent advertisement, toxicity, swear and other things.

    You can set a list of custom actions that will be executed on a player when a message matches certain rule.
    You can cancel or replace message when it matches rule.

    Auto Announcer
    Broadcasts custom messages across the server with certain intervals.

    You can set a list of permission groups that are able to see certain message(s).

    JSON formatting is supported here.
    PlaceholderAPI is supported here.

    Economy Module
    Simple economy module that uses the Vault API to provide economy for your server. It has all default economy commands, such as give, set, take money; player balance; balance top.

    You can set player start balance.
    You can change currency name (singular, plural) and format.

    Menus Module
    Provides an ability to create your own fully customizable GUIs!
    You can set custom command aliases for each GUI.

    Support all item options
    Name, lore, item flags, enchants, leather and potion colors, skull textures, resourcepack textures, custom model data.

    Set custom conditions to display certain items. You can show/hide or change the item for certain players depends on it's conditions!

    Custom Click Actions
    Supported clicks: Left, Right, Middle, Shift+Left and Shift+Right

    Send messages, play sounds and effects, execute commands, take or give money, open another GUI on click! And much more! Check wiki...

    PlaceholderAPI Support
    All menus and menu items are support PlaceholderAPI placeholders!

    Homes Module
    Modules that allows your players to create and manage home locations where they can return by using commands or GUIs.

    Provides GUI to browse your own (or other player) homes.
    Provides GUI to edit settings of your own (or other player) homes.

    World Blacklist
    Set a list of worlds, where players can not create homes.

    WorldGuard Region Blacklist
    Set a list of WorldGuard regions, where players can not create homes. (WorldGuard Required)

    Homes Amount

    Set how many homes each permission group can have at once or make it unlimited. (Vault Required)

    Home Features
    • Set personal icon for each of your homes.
    • Set a list of players, who can use your home (aka invites), or make your home public (open for all).
    • Set if you should respawn at certain home on death.

    Kits Module
    Create kits for your players with full support of any custom item and commands!


    • A GUI to browse all server kits with kit details, such as cooldown, permission, cost, etc.
    • A GUI editor to easily create and edit kits.
    • A GUI to preview kit's content, such as armor and inventory.

    Bind Items To Player
    A special feature to prevent players give away their kit items to other players. When player receives a kit, all kit items are bound to that player. Other players can not pickup or interact with bounded items.

    Kit Features
    • Full support for all custom items.
    • Execute commands (from console, player, or as an OP).
    • Cooldown per each kit (or make it one-timed).
    • Money Cost to obtain the kit. (Vault Required)

    Random Teleport Module
    Provides an ability to teleport at the random location in the world to start play survival.

    • Set a default world, which will be used when player runs command in a world not listed in the config.
    • Set amount of teleport attempts before it will be cancelled if no location is found.
    • Set a list of blocks, where will be skipped (such as lava, water).

    Sounds & Particles
    Contains a bit of sound and particle effects for the teleportation process.

    Set min. and max. X and Z values for each world, where teleport will have effect.

    Spawn Module
    Create and manage unlimited amount of server spawn locations with the Spawn Module.

    GUI Editor
    A simple GUI, where you can edit all created spawn settings.

    Spawn Features
    • Set default spawn, that will be used when no spawn specified in commands, or when no other spawn is available.
    • Set if players with certain permission group(s) should be teleported to the spawn on join. (Vault Required)
    • Set if players with certain permission group(s) should be teleported to the spawn on death. (Vault Required)
    • Set if new players should be teleported to the spawn.
    • Spawn priority, higher values will override other spawns.
    • Spawn permission requirement.

    Scoreboard Module
    A simple module to create scoreboards with custom information.
    (You must have ProtocolLib installed)
    (PlaceholderAPI is highly recommended, as there are no internal placeholders)

    Simple animation system allows you to create and use animated text in your scoreboards.

    Scoreboard Features
    • No flicker.
    • Unlimited characters amount.
    • HEX/RGB color support in title and in lines (scores).
    • Update interval per each scoreboard.
    • Scoreboard priority, higher values will override other scoreboards.
    • List of worlds, where the scoreboard will be displayed.
    • List of permission groups, who will be able to see the scoreboard.

    Tab & NameTags Module
    Provides an ability to fully customize server tablist, player tab names and player name tags.
    (You must have Vault installed)

    Player Tablist Names
    Customize player name format per each permission group. PlaceholderAPI supported.

    Tablist Format Features
    • Create unlimited amount of tablist formats.
    • Format priority, higher values will override other formats.
    • List of worlds, where the format will be used.
    • List of permission groups, who will see the format.
    • Format header and footer.
    • Support for simple text animations.
    • PlaceholderAPI support.

    Nametags Features (ProtocolLib is required)

    • Configurable update interval.
    • Custom nametag format for each permission group.
    • Nametag priority, higher values will override other tags.
    • Nametag prefix, suffix and default name color.
    • PlaceholderAPI support.

    Warps Module
    Allows admins (and players) to create custom location points.


    • A GUI to browse all server or player warps.
    • A GUI editor to manage created warps.

    World Blacklist
    Set a list of worlds, where players can not create warps.

    Warps Amount
    Set how many warps (or make unlimited) each permission group can create. (Vault Required)

    Warp Cost Transfer
    Set if amount of money that players pay to use the warp should be transferred to the warp owner.

    Warp Rating
    System that calculates warp rating based on warp visits amount and displays the rating value in warps menu.

    Warp Features
    • Warp type, Server or Player warp.
    • Customizable icon for each warp.
    • Customizable display name for each warp.
    • Customizable description for each warp.
    • Warp permission requirement.
    • Warp money cost. (Vault Required)
    • Warp welcome message.

    Worlds Module
    Allows you to create, load, unload and edit new worlds on the server!

    Inventory Split
    A system, that allows you to split player inventories and/or ender chest contents between the world(s). You can create custom world groups, that will share the same inventory or make it individual per each world.

    Command Blocker
    Allows you to block certain commands in certain worlds.

    Provides a GUI editor to create, load, unload and manage your custom world settings.

    World Feautes
    • Set if world should be auto-loaded on the server startup.
    • Set generator for each world.
    • Set type for each world.
    • Set environment for each world.
    • Set difficulty for each world.
    • Set seed for each world.
    • Set if world should generate structures.


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