Super Titles [Animations][100% Customizable titles][API][Colors] 1.1.5

Customizable titles with colors and animations. API, place holders, TAB, custom actions and extras!

  1. gaelitoelquesito

    Test server (Lobby)
    (Spanish Server)


    Action Bar


    With this plugin you can make your own animated titles, subtitles and action bars!
    Supports '&' colors, and has an API for developers.
    Has a lot of placeholders for others plugins
    (Like CustomNoteBlocks or Vault)
    In the .zip you have the main plugin and others utils.

    • Animated titles.
    • Infinite titles per server.
    • Infinite messages (frames) per title.
    • Main plugin don't have config! (All works with commands)
    • Supports colors.
    • Titles, action bars and tab titles.
    • Utils in the .zip (Send a title on join, on death, breaking a block... or a title that is repeated!)
    • Easy setup.
    • Supports command blocks and server console.
    • Language file.
    • Place holders.
    • Simple commands.
    • UTF-8 support!
    - Commands:
    - /sts (Super titles)
    - createtitle <Name> <Delay in milliseconds> <type (title - actionbar - tab)> Create a title.

    - rmtitle (removetitle) <name> Remove a title

    - addmsg (addmessage) <supertitle> <title> ( ;;; ) (subtitle) [More info in the messages section] Add a message (frame) to a title

    - editmsg (editmessage) <supertitle> <index> <title> ( ;;; ) (subtitle) [More info in the messages section] Edit a message (frame) from a title

    - rmmsg (removemesage) <supertitle> <index> Remove a message (frame) from a title

    - titlelist Shows you the title list

    - messagelist <supertitle> Shows you a message list from a title.
    - /sendtitle <title> (player | @p | @a | @r) Send a title to a player.

    Code (Text):
          description: Main command.
          usage: /<command> {Args}
          alisases: [supertitles, stitles, supert]
          permission: sts.sts
          permission-message: You do not have permissions for this.
          description: Leave arena.
          usage: /<command> {Args}
          alisases: [sendtl, sendst, sndt, sndtitle]
          permission: sts.sendtitle
          permission-message: You do not have permissions for this.

    - Permissions
    - sts.sts - Allows to use the /sts command
    - sts.sendtitle

    - Messages
    - Spaces: Is very recommended use {s} and no spaces. Titles have bugs with multiple spaces.

    - Titles and subtitles: To separe the title and the subtitle, use ;;;. Action bars have not subtitles!
    Example: /sts addmsg example &cThis is the title;;;&cThis is the subtitle

    - Place holders
    • {time} - Shows the time (hour:minute:second)
    • {time_year} {time_month}, {time_day}, {time_hour}, {time_minute} and {time_second}
    • {vault_balance} - Shows the player balance.
    Server info
    • {server_name} - Shows the server name.
    • {server_ip} - Shows the server IP.
    • {server_port} - Shows the server port.
    • {server_motd} - Shows the server MOTD
    • {server_version} - Shows the server version.
    • {server_players} - Shows the online players number.
    • {server_maxplayers} - Shows the max players number.
    • {server_shutdownmsg} - Shows the shut down message.
    Player info
    • {player_name} - Shows the player name.
    • {player_location} - Shows the player location. (x y z)
    • {player_health} - Shows the player health. (In number)
    • {player_hunger} - Shows the player food level. (In number)
    • {player_world} - Shows the player world name.
    • {player_xp} - Shows the player xp. (In number)
    • {player_level} - Shows the player level.
    • {player_gamemode} - Shows the player gamemode.
    • {player_walkspeed} - Shows the player walkspeed.
    Custom note blocks
    • {cnb_songs} - Shows the song number.
    • {cnb_listening} - Shows the player song name.

    - Utils:

    - RepeatSuperTitle:
    This plugin loops a super title (action bar and/or title). You can set it up in the config.

    Code (Text):
      permission: st.repeatbar
      active: false
      name: exampleActionBar
      permission: st.repeattitle
      active: false
      name: exampleTitle

    - SuperTitlesActions:
    With this plugin you can send super titles when a player do an action like dying, mining or joining to the server!

    You can also specify which Super Title will appear when you break/place a block (also customize one message per block)!

    Code (Text):

      Active: false
      Permission: sta.onjoin
      - exampleTitle
      - exampleActionBar
      Active: false
      Permission: sta.onBlockBreak
      - 1;exampleTitle:exampleActionBar
      - 2;exampleTitle
      - 5;exampleActionBar
      Active: false
      Permission: sta.onBlockPlace
      - 1:1;exampleTitle:exampleActionBar
      - ALL;exampleActionBar
      Active: false
      Permission: sta.onDeath
      - exampleTitle
      - exampleActionBar
      Active: false
      Permission: sta.onRespawn
      - exampleTitle
      - exampleActionBar

    - API
    You can edit, remove, get and send titles, and add place holders!
    You can get the api with this method:

    Code (Text):
    SuperTitlesAPI sta = new SuperTitlesAPI(); //API
    TitleUtils.getTitleByName(name); //Utils

    - TO DO:
    • Place holder, more place holders!
    • More utils!

    - You (the buyer) cannot distribute this plugin.
    - You can't sell this plugin.
    - I (the seller) can modify things like price, utils or info.

    Plugin by gaelitoelquesito
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    We've been using it in MinETSII Lobby and it works prety neat.

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