Superboots 1.0.3

Run fast, Jump high, Mine more resources, just an awesome plugin!

  1. Shadow48402


    Welcome on the page for the 'Superboots' plugin, I want to introduce you a little bit. Superboots is a small project that I'm developing on another computer as my own one, that's why there are not that much uploads incoming. Superboots is creating 'new' boots, that you can wear to get special effect, as fly, speed and jump. I hope you like it.

    • Fly boots - If you have them in your boots slot you're able to fly.
    • Speed boots - You can run faster if you've the boots in your boots slot.
    • Jump boots - You can jump as high as you can.
    • Defence boots - A big shield on your boots.
    • Foodboost boots - Get fed while you're running.
    • Heal boots - Change for healing.
    • Vanish boots - Hide yourself from others.
    • Damage boots - Deal more damage *%150*
    • Mine boots - Mine more minerals
    • This plugin will be updated with alot of more boots.
    • Boots Information

      Fly Boots
      • This sort of boots gives you the possebility to fly.

      Speed Boots
      • This gives you a potion effect to walk faster - this effect is only enabled while walking.

      Jump Boots
      • This gives you a potion effect to jump higher - this effect is only enabled while walking.

      Defence Boots
      • Blocks 50% of the incoming damage
      Incoming adds
      • 10% change of hitting the person that hit you
      • 5% change of getting speed after a hit
      • 1% change of breaking

      Food Boots
      • Get fed by running

      Damage Boots
      • + 50% damage of the incoming damage
      Incoming adds
      • 10% change of setting the hitted one on fire
      • 5% change of slowing the one you hitted

      Vanish Boots
      • Get invisseble

      Heal Boots
      • Configurable % change of getting healed 0.5 heart

      Mine Boots
      • Get double ammount of ores that you mine.
    Coming Soon
    Here a list of the boots I still want to add:
    • Sneak boots
    • Run boots
    • More configurable
    • Open source

    • - /superboots
    • - /superboots help
    • - /superboots speed get
    • - /superboots speed give <player>
    • - /superboots fly get
    • - /superboots fly give <player>
    • - /superboots jump get
    • - /superboots jump give <player>
    • - /superboots defence get
    • - /superboots defence give <player>
    • - /superboots food get
    • - /superboots food give <player>
    • - /superboots damage get
    • - /superboots damage give <player>
    • - /superboots heal get
    • - /superboots heal give <player>
    • - /superboots vanish get
    • - /superboots vanish give <player>
    • - /superboots mine get
    • - /superboots mine give <player>

    The permissions of the commands are all the same concept: superboots.firstargument.secondargument.theirdagument
    • Example: superboots.speed.get | superboots.speed.give

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Recent Reviews

  1. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.0.3
    pido permisos para editar este complemento . es que no hay version reciente yo atualizare todo.
  2. Gewoon_Arne
    Version: 1.0.3
    Nice plugin! But how can I meet diamond boots get speed?
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  3. Koekjeee
    Version: 1.0.3
    Best plugin ever! I really like this plugin. I want more of this plugins with good quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Tyguy210
    Version: 1.0.3
    Please update to work with latest spigot! Would easily be a 5 star plugin if it worked properly. I really would like to use this on my server.
  5. HiperGames
    Version: 1.0.3
    I've a error: Unknown command when i type /superboots or any other commands! and there is no console error!
    1. Shadow48402
      Author's Response
      Should be a 1.0.3 bug, what version of CraftBukkit/Spigot are you running?