SuperBroadcast 1.0.3

Broadcast on your servers like never before!

  1. Duzbee

    What is it?

    SuperBroadcast is simple and easily configurable plugin that adds broadcast management to your server.

    Command Description Permission
    /sbr Opens help. SuperBroadcast.admin
    /sbr reload Reloads config. SuperBroadcast.admin
    /sbr list Lists all messages. SuperBroadcast.admin
    /sbr send [player,@r,@a] [message] Sends message to player(s) (if it exist in config). SuperBroadcast.admin

    How to install SuperBroadcast
    1. Download SuperBroadcast plugin and move it to /plugins folder.
    2. Reload / start your server.
    3. Update your messages.
    4. Type /sbr reload. That's all!

    Default config file
    >> Tutorial <<
    enabled: true
    check_for_updates: true
    metrics: true
    not_permitted: '&cYouarenotpermittedtousethiscommand!'
    dont_broadcast_if_no_player: true

    time: -1
    - '&k[&r&e[SuperBroadcast]&r&k]'
    - '&7&oWorksperfectly!'
    - '&rUse&l&e/sbrreload&rtoloadyoursavedchanges:)'
    - ''
    - '&a&lClickmetotelliteveryone!'
    - 'Clickme,it''ssimple!'
    - ''
    - run_command:/me SuperBroadcast is AWESOME!
    - suggest_command:/sbr reload

    • enabled: if it's set to true, the plugin will broadcast messages.
    • check_for_updates: plugin updates.
    • metrics: plugin and some server statistics.
    • not_permitted: message that will be send to the player in case he doesn't have permissions to execute command.
    • dont_broadcast_if_no_player: if it's set to true, the plugin will not broadcast on the server when nobody is online.
    • messages: all the messages.
    • time: how often will be the message broadcasted (in seconds)
    • message: message text.
    • hover: text shown when you hover your mouse over the right part of the message.
    • click: what to do if you click on the right part of the message.

    Please update to version 1.0.3, because update checker is bugged in lower versions!!

    Automatic updates
    By default, automatic updates are set to true, but if you don't want to get them automatically, set it to false and type /sbr reload :) Have fun!

    This plugin uses MCStats to generate and publish anonymous usage statistics, but you can easily set them in config.yml to false. If it's enabled, it collets this data every ten minutes:

    • Server's GUID
    • Players currently online (not max player count)

    • 1.0.3
      • [+] Added new config value: dont_broadcast_if_no_player
      • Bugfix #4: repaired not working selectors in /sbr send command
      • Bugfix #5: wrong messages were sending, fixed
      • Bugfix #6: repaired metrics system again
      • Bugfix #7: server was printing an empty message when nobody was online
      • Bugfix #8: fixed not working update message.
    • 1.0.2
      • [+] Added titles and subtitles, yayy!
      • [+] Added %player%, %display%, %time% and %time2% selectors
      • [+] Added command block support!
    • 1.0.1
      • [+] Added /sbr list command
      • [+] Added /sbr send command
      • Bugfix #1: wrong update message was appearing after typing /sbr reload
      • Bugfix #2: if you've got a newer version which was not approved by Bukkit, plugin was saying you need to update the plugin
      • Bugfix #3: the default message still copied it self even though it was deleted.
    • 1.0.0
      • First release!