SuperBroadcaster 3.7

Send Hover-able and Clickable broadcasts to your players!

  1. GhostHacks96
    Super Broadcaster (Beta)
    Send Clickable and Hover-able messages to your servers players
    Currently only supports one per message!

    How It Works!
    In your config you can set as many messages you would like.
    To make it a Hover-able message just add the hover variable behind where you would like the player to hover.
    To make it a Clickable message just add the click variable behind where you would like the player to click.
    1. Hover - %hover%(what you want it to show in the hover message)
    2. Click - %command%(/me hi!) <needs the / as if being sent from in-game>
    Just One : sb <Start,Stop,Reload>
    Future Plans
    I plan to add it so you can have a title show up as a broadcast as well.
    Don't know what i mean by title?
    [​IMG] oops typo! :)


    If you enjoy the plugin and want to help me keep making them and improving them donations are always welcome!
    Donate Here :)
    Please let me know if you find a problem/bug send me a message or leave a comment!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ergenta
    Version: 3.7
    How does this not have more reviews? Very active dev, even 3 yrs later, and very quick to help resolve any issue.
    1. GhostHacks96
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!