SuperbVote 0.5.4

A superb, flexible, lag-free Votifier listener

  1. SuperbVote already works with 1.15

    This plugin isn't dead just yet. It works just fine on Minecraft 1.15 - it is a native 1.13+ plugin already and generally doesn't need updates. SuperbVote has reached a level of stability and will generally only receive bugfixes from this point on. Features may be added on a case-by-case basis.
  2. SuperbVote 0.5.4

    • This release is compatible with Spigot/Paper 1.14.1.
    • Fix JSON text not working.
    • Cache last known username for JSON vote storage, resolving a major pain point (the NullPointerExceptions sometimes seen).
    • Add superbvote.votes.others permission to allow others to use /sv votes on other players.
  3. SuperbVote 0.5.3

    This release contains a few bugfixes, but is primarily intended to ensure 1.13 users don't download the 1.8-1.12-compatible version of SuperbVote.
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  4. SuperbVote 0.5.2 (1.8-1.12 version)

    Upon special request, this is the 1.8-1.12 version of SuperbVote 0.5.2. This release has no auto-updaters and is fully compatible with 1.8-1.12. It will not work on 1.13.

    I do not plan to provide any more 1.8-1.12 versions of SuperbVote, and this release has limited support. Eventually I will decline to support it. You've been warned.
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  5. SuperbVote 0.5.2 (1.13 update)

    0.5.2 is the first version to support Minecraft 1.13 and above only. This version makes the changes required to support 1.13 and marks the plugin as compatible with 1.13.

    If you are not yet planning to move to 1.13, please stay on SuperbVote 0.5.1!
  6. SuperbVote 0.5.1

    This release fixes a bug with MySQL support.
  7. Reissued 0.5

    I forgot to include a few other tweaks I made prior to release.
  8. SuperbVote 0.5

    Sorry, this update has been a long time coming! I've gotten busy with other projects and just now found time to work on SuperbVote.

    The main feature of this update is configuration checking. SuperbVote now checks your configuration files more carefully, and if it finds an issue in your configuration, it will refuse to work until the error is corrected. Errors it can detect include:
    • Misspelled matcher names.
    • Invalid values for matchers.
    • Multiple "default" rewards....
  9. SuperbVote 0.4.1

    • Fixes a problem with offline players not being able to vote. This is a highly-recommended upgrade.
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  10. SuperbVote 0.4

    After much delay, SuperbVote 0.4 is now available. Here's a run-down of the changes:
    • BREAKING CHANGE: SuperbVote's handling of invalid matchers has been made more consistent. If your configuration includes a matcher that can't be used (such as an invalid script, or invalid parameters for the chance matchers), SuperbVote will automatically add a matcher that will never match.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Modified the script matcher to take a context...