SuperChat [Abandoned] 1.0

Send a different message by costing diamond.

  1. YanaTW
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Enter a short command to send a super chat!

    Hold the diamond in your hand and enter the command to send a super chat!
    By default, 15 diamonds will be consumed.
    And the command has a cooling time.

    Here comes the commands:
    /superchat <message> - Send a super chat message!
    /sc - The command is exactly the same as the above command. It's just an alias.

    Permission nodes:
    SuperChatPlugin.Use - Access /superchat command.
    SuperChatPlugin.CoolDownBypass - Bypass cooldown.

    NotEnoughDiamond: "&aYou don not have enough diamonds so you can not send a super chat."
    SuperChatSuccess: " &6Sent a super chat: "
    PermissionMessage: "&4You do not have permission to do this."
    InCoolDown: "&cCommand cooling down, remaining seconds: "
    NotDiamond: "&cWhat you are holding is not a diamond."
    NotPlayer: "&cOnly player can use this command."
    CostAmount: 15
    CoolDownTime: 20