SuperChat BETA 2.0

ClearChat, AntiStaffNames, AntiSwear, Config, Chat, JoinMod, Beta Plugin, anti /pl

  1. xCyberCraftx
    SuperChat is a big chat plugin with lots of features.
    I'm sorry for my bad english i'm Dutch.

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    - AntiSwear
    - JoinMotd
    - ClearChat
    - Configuration
    - Custom staff join/leave message || superchat.join.staff / superchat.leave.staff
    - Custom join message
    - Anti /plugins || superchat.nope.plugins
    - Anti /version || superchat.nope.version
    - Anti /? ||

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    Command Permission
    /superchat ||
    /superchat clearchat || superchat.clearchat
    /superchat info || //
    /superchat reload || superchat.reload

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    If you want your server here pm me your ip ussing the plugin and i will add you to the list
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Recent Reviews

  1. AiresNW
    Version: Beta 1.4
    Perfect! i love this plugin. Good developer. Realy good plugin, i-Im use on my server. Have a good day :)
    1. xCyberCraftx
      Author's Response
      Tnx if you send me your server ip i'l set it in the plugin description!
      tnx for the good review