SuperChatManager 1.0.3

Super Chat Manager

  1. CyranoTrinity
    Maximvdw - For his nice images

    About SuperChatManager
    As the name says, SuperChatManager is gonna help manage your server chat.

    As with my previous plugin ChatManager+ (which has since been taken down - not stating reasons), I have decided to work on an even better and cleaner FREE chat managing plugin. So, I started working on SuperChatManager (4th October 2015). SuperChatManager will strive to satisfy your needs and maybe meet the standard of ChatControl Pro (*daydream).

    Clear Chat
    Feeling annoyed when there is too much spam? Well, clear it immediately!

    Lock Chat
    Want to lock chat and shut the haters up? It has never been simpler.

    Anti Swear Filter
    People dont stop swearing? Now you can tell them not to.


    [Example] = Optional argument
    <Example> = Required argument
    description: Main command for SuperChatManager
    aliases: [scm]

    /superchatmanager help
    description: Display help menu

    /clearchat <all>
    description: Clear chat for everyone
    aliases: [cc]

    description: Lock & Unlock chat
    aliases: [lc]

    description: AntiSwear feature
    aliases: [as]

    /antiswear toggle
    description: Toggles AntiSwear ON and OFF

    [Adding words and removing them will remove the comments (lines starting with # except the top) in the config]

    /antiswear add <word>
    description: Add words to list

    /antiswear remove <word>
    description: Remove words from list

    description: Main permission for SuperChatManager
    (All permissions are under this)

    description: Main permission for administrative handling

    description: Permission to clear chat

    description: Permission to lock chat

    description: Permission for AntiSwear options


    Code (Text):

    # ----------------------------- #
    #       SuperChatManager
    #       (c) CyranoTrinity
    #       Manage your chat
    # ----------------------------- #
    # This is the configuration for SuperChatManager

    # Section for Anti Swear

    # This toggles antiswear on/off. Set <true> to enable and <false> to disable
        Toggled: true

    # If any sentence, contains this words, player will be told not to swear
    # All words in this category should be in small letters
    # This is not case-sensitive
        Swear Words:
        - test