Superconomy 1.1

A powerful, compact economy plugin.

  1. Zacx

    Version: 1.0 BETA
    Authors: Zacx
    Price: Free!
    - Lightweight economy.
    - Powerful commands to manage your servers economics.
    - Simple Permissions.
    - A unique physical bank note system.

    - /superconomy - Displays help information.
    - /balance - Displays your superconomy balance.
    - /withdraw [Amount] - Withdraws [Amount] from your account.
    - /bank - Displays Admin commands.
    - /bank pay [Player] [Amount] - Pays [Player] [Amount].
    - /bank steal [Player] [Amount] - Subtracts [Amount] from [Player].

    - sc.* - Access to all commands.
    - sc.balance - Access to /balance.
    - sc.withdraw - Access to /withdraw
    - sc.admin - Access to all /bank commands.

    Superconomy is a lightweight economy plugin used in many other plugins made by myself and other developers, superconomy is so lightweight and silent about it's operations that you won't even notice it's there!

    Bank Notes:
    Superconomy uses bank notes as currency, to get a bank note, simply preform /withdraw [Amount] this will give you a bank note with [Amount] value. To deposit the note, simply right-click while holding the note, or throw it to a friend and they can deposit the amount!

    About The Developer:
    Hi I'm Zacx, I'm a freelance java developer. I try my best to create the lightest, unique plugins out there! Thanks for checking out my plugin and I hope you enjoy it! Please leave any suggestions and feedback in the comments as I read every single one, even if this post is a year old! If you would like to contact me, please tweet me! @DevZacx


Recent Reviews

  1. ModdyLP
    Version: 1.1
    Hello, I have some problems. I cant find any admin commands. I cant find some permissions. But you plugin has potenitial.