Superheroes 2.6.4

Adds superheroes to minecraft!

  1. 2.6.4 - Better debugging!

    If you write an invalid skill, it will now continue to allow other skills to work and will put an error in console explaining which skill broke allowing quicker debugging.
  2. 2.6.3 - Fixed EggLayer persisting

    Fixed EggLayer persisting
  3. 2.6.2 I did something?

    Various bug fixes, largely realigning the plugin with my internal version
  4. Fixed Random Heroes not saving!

    Moved to SkillsLibrary2 (you need to update to latest if you use SkillsLibrary)
    Fixed starter heroes not saving
    Added new spell type to Spell skill: FANGS.
  5. Fixed not listening to eachHeroRequiredPermission

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  6. Added Conditions support!

    Hello! It's been a while since I've made an update and I won't lie, I'm not 100% sure on everything I've changed, but I do know this update is for the better!

    The major addition is Condition support using my SkillsLibrary, and you can read more about that here:

    There are other numerous bug fixes as well such as making it so HealthBoost in a potion effect won't be re applied unless you're under 2 seconds duration to prevent...
  7. Bug Fixes! Fixed Deadlock (weird NPE when using commands) and Fixed KingMidas & Snowman heroes!

    Bug Fixes! Fixed Deadlock (weird NPE when using commands) and Fixed KingMidas & Snowman heroes!
  8. Fixed experience issues when breaking ores

    Ores should always drop the correct, or almost correct, amount of experience.
  9. Fixed SkullCreator NoClassDefFoundError

    Hopefully squashed a major bug with the last update. Apologies!
  10. Multiple Storage Types and Bug Fixes

    All commands are now subcommands of /hero! There is /hero select, /hero reload, /hero import, /hero export and /hero reroll.
    The data.yml format has changed! It now stores the hero of the user as well as a timestamp as to when they last used /hero select in order for the /hero select cooldown to remain between restarts!
    Added MySQL support
    Added PlaceholderAPI support!...