A free mingame with greate features. Only for BungeeCord. You can setup unlimited maps!

  1. Frame_Einbruch
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    SuperJump is a 1vs1 JumpAndRun MiniGame and your players can earn points for the ranking.


    » Java 8 or higher
    » MySQL Database
    » BungeeCord Network
    » Minecraft 1.8 Server


    1. Download the plugin
    2. Drag the plugin into the Minecraft Server plugins folder
    3. Restart your Minecraft Server
    4. Stop your Minecraft Server and add your MySQL Datas in the config.yml
    5. Start your Minecraft Server and running the setup

    1. Go ingame and type /setup <Mapname>
    2. Now you have a GUI who you can set the spawnpoints
    3. Go to the waiting lobby and set with the GUI the Lobby spawnpoint
    4. Now you go to your map and set with the GUI the Spectator spawnpoint
    5. Go now to the first spawnpoint for the team red and set the spawnpoint with the GUI
    6. And least go to the second spawnpoint for the team blue and set the spawnpoint with the GUI and then open the GUI agian and click finish. Now the map is ready setuped. You can setuped more maps and restart then the server after finishing!

    7. Now you can change the messages in the messages.yml and your players can play the game!

    How can I win the game?
    When building your own map, simply set a diamond block at the finish. If a player walks over the block, the round is over and the player will win. If you entering water or lava you will die. For checkpoints set for team red a redstone block and for team blue a lapis block, you can set unlimited checkpoints

    Commands & Functions
    <Command | Usage | Permission>
    superjump.* for all Permissions
    » SetupCommand - /setup <Mapname> - superjump.setup
    » StartCommand - /start - superjump.start
    » StatsCommand - /stats <Player> - none
    » Top10Command - /top10 - none
    » ForceMapCommand - /forcemap <Mapname> - superjump.forcemap

    <Function | Description | Permission>
    superjump.* for all Permissions
    » Multiple Map System - Setup unlimited maps and a random map is always chosen before each round - none
    » MOTD-Manager - Change MOTDs for the lobbysigns - none
    » PremiumKick - If the round full, than premium players can kick nonpremium players - superjump.premiumjoin
    » SpectateSystem - When the round is running than other players can join and spectate the game - none
    » StatsSystem - Your players can earn points for winning a game - none

    » Checkpoints - for checkpoints set for team red a redstone block and for team blue a lapis block, you can set unlimited checkpoints - none
    » Top10System - Display the top10 players sorting by points - none
    » Scoreboard and tablist - The players have a scoreboard and a colored name, you can change everything in the messages.yml - none
    » Fully customizable - all messages and layouts can changed it in the messages.yml - none

    » Default (English)

    » German

    Your language is not included? Then translate it and send it to me by DM!

    To Do
    Do you have suggestions? Contact me by DM or via e-mail
    [email protected]!


    If you need help, you can contact me via DM or via e-mail [email protected] .Please do not use the evaluation function for bug reports.


    If you want to support me then I would be happy about a small PayPal donation. Of course, this is not necessary! It is also completely sufficient if you use the plugin and evaluate it fairly!


    Terms of Service

    By downloading SuperJump, you agree the following Terms of Service 1. You will not decompile or modify
    2. You will not redistributeSuperJump or any of its contents
    3. You do not give ]as your own
    4. I reserve the right to change these terms at any time and you agree to abide by the most recent version of the terms
    5. You agree to everything listed above and below

Recent Reviews

  1. iTzGamer_05
    Version: 1.2.2
    Das Plugin ist echt super und hält was es verspricht. Support ist ebenfalls super. Mir wurde innerhalb von 10 Minuten geholfen und Fehler ohne diskutieren behoben! Empfehlung steht!
    1. Frame_Einbruch
      Author's Response
      Vielen Dank für deine Bewertung! Und ich bedanke mich bei dir für die Bugmeldung.