Supernatural Players 1.2.0

Addes new classes to your server

  1. weeryan17
    Warning: This plugin might not work on 1.8.3 and lower(I haven't got to testing it myself but someone had problems with 1.8.3). it is also very buggy and needs to be re done.
    This plugin currently adds 3 new classes for you to mess around with on your server
    Source code.
    This plugin is a good start but defiantly sill has a lot to go into it.

    I'll try to update this plugin in this resource often.
    To do:
    Api support
    Update to 1.9
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  1. Sithbearmc
    Version: 1.2.0
    I installed it but don't know how to activate the classes and I don't see the plugin working in /help
    1. weeryan17
      Author's Response
      You do realize this hasn't been update sense like minecraft 1.8 right?
  2. Roshanbo
    Version: 1.1.1
    Used it a bit so far reminds me of supernaturals. My players seem to like it already. Looks very good.