Supernova World Management System 1.0.1

The only working fully-skripted world management script! Includes minigame functions for developers!

  1. Death_Source
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Supernova World Management System
    An efficient, lag-free and awesome script to help support your server!

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    SkBee, by default, does not have world management enabled. To enable it, go into the config for the SkBee plugin, and set the world management option to true.

    Also: be sure to change the permission in the options at the top of the script!

    What Supernova offers:

    • 4 functions incredibly useful for people making a minigame server. (see bottom for more info)
    • Basic world management, ranging fromworld cloning, creation, using generators, seeds, and more.
    • Simplicity! Personally, I prefer Supernova to larger world management plugins (e.g. Multiverse).
    • Optimization! You can always edit the script if you know what you're doing. I'll constantly be rolling out updates either way.
    1. Skript Plugin (ver 2.5 +)
    2. SkBee Plugin (ver 1.8.3 +)
    You can download these by searching them up and downloading their newest files!

    SkBee, by default, does not have world management enabled. To enable it, go into the config for the SkBee plugin, and set the world management option to true.


    • /sn create (name) (flags)
    • /sn delete (world name)
    • /sn load (world name)
    • /sn unload (world name)
    • /sn clone (world name) (target name)
    • /sn tp (world name)
    • /sn setspawn
    • /sn spawn
    • /sn seed (world name)
    • /sn list (sends list of clickable worlds)
    Example world creation commands:
    - /sn create SupernovaWorld w:flat
    - /sn create SupernovaWorld g:VoidGenerator
    - /sn create SupernovaWorld s:-12293120 w:amplified

    Developer Functions:
    • saveWorld("world name") - This saves a world into a new world named "(world name)-clone". Doing this lets you reset it later on.
    • resetWorld("world name") - If you've saved the world before, then you can reset it back to that saved version using this function.
    • seperateWorld("world name") - Makes a world become seperate from all other worlds. This means that the players on it are hidden both in minecraft, chat, and tab from everyone else, and vice versa.
    • rejoinWorld("world name") - Rejoins a world back to the rest of the worlds. All players in that world will once against see other players not in their world.
    Also: I included 2 helpful commands so you see how the hide/reveal worlds works. They are /hideworld and /revealworld.

    How to contact me:
    DM me on discord! --> Death_Source#0336
    How to leave suggestions:
    Leave a suggestion in the comments, or do a review along with a suggestion!
    Do you want to help support me in my new undertakings?
    Donate here >>

    Thank you, and enjoy!!

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed a couple small bugs.

Recent Reviews

  1. FranioRakowiecki
    Version: 1.0.1
    The skript is fantasitic, though there is an issue with the void generator when i tried it a couple of times, it wouldn't work for me.
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      Hey, as long as you have the void generator plugin then it should work fine! (p.s. this works with any other generator that you have downloaded)
  2. Crazycow30
    Version: 1.0.1
    Thank you for saving me from getting useless plugins, really appreciate it, it had no errors and worked very well. I use it on my minecraft server all the time, and it's not even lagging. I expect a lot from you :) You are very promising.
    1. Death_Source
      Author's Response
      thank you good sir