SuperParkour ★ Free (1.8 + 1.9) [MULTIARENA / BUNGEECORD] v2.2

Manage a nice Parkour with this Minigame! Free.

  1. LuconianCraft
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9

    WARNING: At the moment I have loads to do in school and can't be programming that often. As soon as I find time I will post more updates!

    Hey Guys!
    This is my first Minigame-Plugin on Spigot - the Plugin SuperParkour!

    Free version:
    > Multiarena / BungeeCord mode
    > Set the spawn for multiple arenas
    > Remove arenas
    > Get a list of all arenas
    > Get back to the spawn with a simple command
    > Get back to the spawn, when you fall in to Water/Lava
    > Almost all messages are configurable
    > Custom Join- and Leavemessage in BungeeCord mode
    > No Block-breaking when in an arena (when not in creative-mode)
    > No Block-placing when in an arena (when not in creative-mode)
    > No Damage when in an arena (when not in creative-mode)
    > No Food when in an arena (when not in creative-mode)
    > Diamond block is the goal

    Please think about buying the Premium version for it has lots more features and is updated more often!

    If you have a problem with this plugin please post it in the discussion area!

    /parkour - See my name :D
    /parkour help - List of commands
    /parkour setspawn <Arena> - Create arenas and set their spawn points
    /parkour remove <Arena> - Remove existing arenas
    /parkour join <Arena> - Join setup arenas
    /parkour leave - Leave your current arena
    /parkour spawn - Teleport to the spawn point of your current arena

    » parkour.adminhelp - Receive admin-help
    » parkour.setspawn - Be able to use /parkour setspawn <Arena>
    » parkour.remove - Be able to use /parkour remove <Arena>
    » parkour.join - Be able to use /parkour join <Arena>
    » parkour.leave - Be able to use /parkour leave
    » parkour.spawn - Be able to use /parkour spawn
    » parkour.list - Be able to use /parkour list

    Default config:
    Code (Text):
      join: '&8[&eParkour&8] &6{p} &7joined the game'
      quit: '&8[&eParkour&8] &6{p} &7left the game'
      setspawn: '&8[&eParkour&8] &7You set the spawn for arena &e{arena}'
      remove-arena: '&8[&eParkour&8] &7You removed the arena &e{arena}'
      join-arena: '&8[&eParkour&8] &7You joined the arena &e{arena}'
      leave-arena: '&8[&eParkour&8] &7You left the arena &e{arena}'
      arena-list: '&1&bArenas:'
      join-error-notexist: '&8[&eParkour&8] &cThe arena &e{arena} &cdoes not exist'
      join-error-inarena: '&8[&eParkour&8] &cYou must leave your current arena to join a new one'
      leave-error: '&8[&eParkour&8] &cYou are in no arena'
      remove-error: '&8[&eParkour&8] &cThe arena &e{arena} &ccould not be removed because it dosent exist'
      finish-arena: '&8[&eParkour&8] &aYou finished the arena &e{arena}'
      finish-arena-broadcast: '&8[&eParkour&8] &6{p} &afinished the arena &e{arena}'
      nopermission: '&cYou do not have permission to perform this command'

      bungee: false
      bungee-arena-name: 'Arena'
      broadcast-when-player-finishes: true


    Line 1: Parkour
    Line 2: Leave

    Line 1: Parkour
    Line 2: Join
    Line 3: <Arena>

    > Ideas?


    1 Download :(
    5 Downloads :oops:
    10 Downloads:rolleyes:
    20 Downloads :D
    50 Downloads o_O
    100 Downloads :eek:
    200 Downloads :confused:

    - The plugin was tested on Spigot 1.8.8 and 1.9, please also use one of these versions!
    - I suggest using CustomChat for a nice ChatFormat on the server and maybe JumpPads to build a even cooler Parkour!

    Any ideas? Let me know! :)

    The icon was created with I'm saying this here, for there was no watermark put on it.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added signs
  2. Jar file
  3. Completely recoded and added multi arena support

Recent Reviews

  1. Neonlp
    Version: v2.2
    Bitte füge Checkpoints hinzu und eine Anzahl der Spieler in der Arena auf das Schild. Man sollte auch einstellen können, wie viele in eine Arena können
    1. LuconianCraft
      Author's Response
      1. Checkpoints gibt es in der Premium-Version des Plugins. 2. Das kann ich hinzufügen, jedoch hast du vielleicht gesehen, dass ich im Moment noch viel zu tun habe, weshalb ich mich nicht direkt daran setzen kann. 3. Das gilt auch für die maximalen Spieler, vobei ich nicht ganz verstehe, wofür das bei einem Parkour gut sein soll.