SuperPowers 1.0

You can give them the powers (donators perks)

  1. BeatZinK
    This plugin was inspired by ArkhamNetwork, a multi-gametype server which has custom content such as powers. I had chosen to make a plugin for these powers, these powers are custom and more are going to be added every week.

    With this you can give your donators perks they deserve, you can give them the powers which are in the commands section.


    /flashspeed Node: powers.fspeed
    /bunnyjump Node: powers.bjump
    /hulkstrength Node: powers.hstrength
    /ghost Node: powers.ghost
    /god Node: powers.god
    /superhealth Node: powers.shealth
    /insta-heal Node: powers.iheal
    /bunnydig Node: powers.bdig
    /fireres Node: powers.fres
    /allpowers Node: powers.all


Recent Reviews

  1. iDarkyy
    Version: 1.0
    When you fix this,it will be 5 stars!
    Add command to disable powers (/disablepower all/powername'
    When you fix this,this will be gr3atplugin