SuperTotems 1.0.1

Control how totems of undying work & use totems from the player inventory

  1. xXJetstreamXx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18


    SuperTotems is a plugin that allows you to better tune how Totems work on your server. I personally thought it was really annoying to have to hold the totem in your hand to get resurrected which is why I created this plugin. It tries to mimic Vanilla behaviour as close as possible but adds the ability to have the totem in any slot in your inventory as well as Shulker Boxes!

    Since this plugin is very new there might still be missing features: just let me know what I could add and maybe I am able to do so!


    This plugin has a dependency:
    Download the .jar of CommandAPI and the .jar of SuperTotems and drag them into your /plugins/ folder - thats it!

    • /supertotems
      • Aliases: /st, /supert, /totems
      • Base command, displays a help page with all accessible commands for the user.
    • /supertotems help
      • Aliases: ?, h
      • Displays a help page with all accessible commands for the user.
    • /supertotems info
      • Aliases: i
      • Displays information on the plugin and if the user can use the functionality of SuperTotems.
    • /supertotems cooldown [player]
      • Shows the remaining cooldown for a player. If no player is given it shows the cooldown for the player that executes the command.
    • /supertotems reset <player>
      • Resets the cooldown for a given player.
    • /supertotems reload
      • Reloads the configuration file of the plugin.
    • supertotems.use
      • Permission to be able to use totems & the functionality of this plugin.
    • supertotems.bypasscooldown
      • Players with this permission will completely bypass the cooldown.
    • supertotems.seecooldownself
      • for /supertotems cooldown
    • supertotems.seecooldownother
      • for /supertotems cooldown <player>
    • supertotems.reset
      • for /supertotems reset <player>
    • supertotems.reload
      • for /supertotems reload


    After the plugin has been installed a configuration file should have generated at: /plugins/SuperTotems/config.yml - use this file to configure the plugin to your liking.
    If you want more configuration options let me know!


    1. If you kill the player using a command like /kill or if the player falls into the void the totem will NOT activate. If there are problems with this please contact me!
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