SuperTrails 9.9 [Spigot 1.8-1.15]

Particle\Block\Rain\Wings trails , Customization , Gui , Presents ...

  1. 1.15 Update

    • Plugin updated to 1.15
    Well, it should've happen eventually, and I'm not talking only about 1.15 update, 1.15 is the last MC version to be supported by current plugin build at least. There's no point of keeping this plugin any longer, because at current state there's too difficult to add features or modify anything in SuperTrails, so I can not continue it's development anymore.
    I'm not sure what I wanna do with it yet but there's few scenarios for future of original...
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  2. Fixes

    Fixed some particles in 1.13+ versions
  3. Fixes!

    • Removed "Beep" message when plugin loaded. *BEEP*
    • DefaultMenu setting now support "Wings" option, it took me only few years to make it.
  4. 1.14 Update

    Yep, plugin still alive. Here's 1.14 update!

    100th update btw
  5. Kinda update

    • Trails resets when player changes mode to Spectator. You cannot scare your players with flying wings in middle of the cave anymore.
    • Rains presets editable now. Yes, you can make cookie rains preset now.
      Reset config or add those lines manually
      Code (Text):
        ParticlesItem: 377
        BlocksItem: 374
        RainsItem: 370
        WingsItem: 288
        ParticlesSlot: 20
        ParticlesSlotD: 19
        BlocksSlot: 22
        BlocksSlotD: 21
        RainsSlot: 24
        RainsSlotD: 23
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  6. 1.13 Update!

    Everyone lost their hope! But then light appears and 1.13 was released but nobody already needed it.
    Like this update if you really waited for this update, I'm think there not too much people who really did.

    Please test before using on your server, may contain bugs
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  7. 1.12 Update

    * Added 1.12 support
    * Fixed mysql bug
    * Fixed HideInCombat option
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  8. Fixes

    • Block trails works on obsidian now
    • PreventRainFromStuck and RainMinimalTimeAlive options added (Helpful if you rains stuck in world)
  9. Fixes

    * Fixed modes
    * Fixed /supertrails open command
    * Added RainFix option (Toggle it if you have problem with rains)
  10. Fix!

    * Fixed 1.11 rain trails
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