SuperVanish >> Be invisible 6.2.6

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

  1. [6.2.1] Bug fixes

    • I'm aware that there's an issue with a "[ProtocolLib] Loaded class ..." message being displayed in-game. I'm still not sure how I can fix this or if it's even within SV's control to fix it properly. You can bypass the issue by turning off the OpenChestsSilently feature in the config. The error itself is completely harmless (but of course annoying).
    • Issues with "NullPointerException"s in the console are usually fixed by updating ProtocolLib.
    • Fixed that players named after a sub command were being put into vanish instead of executing the sub command (e.g. with a player named "list" didn't execute /sv list)
    • Fixed that players with no SV permissions could tab-complete SV commands
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