SuperVanish >> Be invisible 6.1.6

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

  1. [6.1.6] 1.16 update and new feature

    • Please update ProtocolLib to the latest dev-build as explained on its resource page for 1.16 support.
    • Death messages are now disabled for vanished players and will only show up to players who can see the vanished player
  2. [6.1.5] Bug fixes

    • Fixed an issue with temporary players in the SilentOpenChest feature
  3. [6.1.4] 1.15 support and clarifications

    Please make sure that you are using the latest ProtocolLib release. Layered permissions need to be turned on in the config to work and players need to rejoin after permission changes for them to apply.
    • Updated SilentOpenChest for 1.15 to support all shulker boxes
    • Fixed SilentOpenChest handling item frames incorrectly
    • Improved default comments for the fake join/quit messages section of the config to avoid confusion
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  4. [6.1.3] Added barrel support and bug fixes

    1.14: I'd like to stress once again that you need to install the latest dev-build of ProtocolLib for 1.14 support (Instructions on ProtocolLib's resource page).
    • Added silent chest support for barrels
    • Fixed the default "/sv list" message which didnt actually include the list of vanished players. Please add "%l%" to the end of the ListMessagePrefix message in the mesages.yml file if you are affected by this.
  5. [6.1.2] Bug fixes and dynmap hook improvements

    • Improved the dynmap hook
    • Fixed a NullPointerException in the PlaceholderAPIHook
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  6. [6.1.1] 1.14 notes and cleanup

    1.14.2: Please make sure that you are using the latest ProtocolLib development build!
    • Code cleanup
  7. [6.1.0] 1.13.1 support

    Please update to the latest ProtocolLib release (v4.4.0) for MC 1.8 and above
    • Added native 1.13.x support
    • Vanished players should no longer count to the amount of non-sleeping players
    • Changed the default fake join/leave messages
  8. [6.0.5] Bug fixes

    • Fixed a NullPointerException that sometimes occured when SV was in an unexpected state
  9. [6.0.4] Bug fixes

    • Fixed some features enabling even though the server doesn't support them (NightVision, SilentOpenChest, VanishIndication below MC-1.8)
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  10. [6.0.3] Bug fixes

    • Reverted the last hider change since it broke everything
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