SuperVanish >> Be invisible 6.2.8

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

  1. [6.2.8] 1.19 update

    Please make sure you are using the latest ProtocolLib dev build!
    • Updated to 1.19
    • Because ProtocolLib is still unstable on 1.19 I haven't been able to get the NightVisionEffect feature to work on 1.19 yet. It will be fixed as soon as ProtocolLib becomes more stable or I find a workaround.
    • Improved tab-complete listener performance
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  2. [6.2.7] 1.18.2 support

    • Added support for 1.18.2. Please make sure you're using the latest ProtocolLib dev build or the new release.
  3. [6.2.6] Bug fixes

    • SV should now handle NoSuchMethodErrors in the ActionBarMgr properly provided that you have the correct version of ProtocolLib installed
  4. [6.2.5] SilentOpenChest changes, HEX colors, stability improvements and bug fixes

    • Added HEX colors. Format: #XXXXXX e.g.: '#663EF6This text would be purple!'
    • SilentOpenChest changes and clarifications
      • Now requires the permission sv.silentchest
      • The error message in chat and in the console regarding a plugin loading another plugin's class should now be gone
      • Vanished players will appear as spectators temporarily when they're opening chests silently. This is of course only the case for players who are allowed to see the vanished player. SV...
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  5. [6.2.4] Tab-complete bug fixes

    • Added a tab-complete listener as an attempt to fix that some plugins include vanished players in their custom tab-completions
  6. [6.2.3] Bug fixes

    • Fixed Mob NoClassDefFoundError on 1.12 and below
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  7. [6.2.2] Mob target bug fixes

    • Fixed mobs still targeting players that just vanished. Previously mobs didn't target vanished players only if they hadn't already targeted the player before the player vanished.
    • Java 8 or newer is now a requirement
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  8. [6.2.1] Bug fixes

    • I'm aware that there's an issue with a "[ProtocolLib] Loaded class ..." message being displayed in-game. I'm still not sure how I can fix this or if it's even within SV's control to fix it properly. You can bypass the issue by turning off the OpenChestsSilently feature in the config. The error itself is completely harmless (but of course annoying).
    • Issues with "NullPointerException"s in the console are usually fixed by updating ProtocolLib.
    • Fixed that players named after a...
  9. [6.2.0] Added tablist packet interception

    Note: Please install the latest ProtocolLib dev-build for 1.16.2 support
    • New feature: ModifyTablistPackets
      • This improves SV's invisibility and is meant to prevent hacked clients from figuring out who is online.
      • Now enabled by default
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  10. [6.1.8] PlaceholderAPI bug fixes

    • Fixed issues with the latest PlaceholderAPI updates
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