Supply Crate - Holograms 1.2.0

Supply Crate's with configura rewards price holograms and tiers

  1. DreT
    Version: 1.1.1
    Found a couple of bugs! The first bug is that when TNT explodes, the chest explodes, but the hologram remains, the second bug was discovered by accident! And this is because I pressed many times to create a chest and ran, and 1 of 5 chests just flew into the abyss even though I created them at 60+. + if chunks are not loaded then the chest will not be created.
    And I would also like the items to be created in a random order, for example, in 1 slot there is a stone, in the second nothing, and in the seventh, for example, earth
    And I also want to write for the final cherry so that you add chips:
    Turn off the purchase of chests, add a timer after how long the chest will be created, for example, in the chat it will write "in 10 minutes at the coordinates ~ ~ ~ the normal chest will be spawned" and
    At that time, the players must run there and at this time take away the chest from the player, add the timing of opening the chest, for example, when you open the chest, you need another 60 seconds to open the chest, you can simply add 60 chests in the middle of the chest and every second so that this number of chests decreased
    1. mmigas
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review and for the bug report. The TNT its a good catch that I haven't thought about it but the unloaded chunks is a bit wierd since I did some test with unloaded chunks but I will takle that bug during this week. For the idea of the timer thats not what this plugin is supposed to do but that is another way to spawn crate that I can see in the future to implement.
  2. LightF
    Version: 1.1.1
    Works well on my 1.16 survival server!It will be an excellent plugin if it have an in-game GUI editor
    1. mmigas
      Author's Response
      Thank you you for the review. I've already created a small gui system (for the info command) that I can use for a GUI editor but im currently working on a better configs system.