Supply Drop v1.3.2

Drops loot to a random and safe location on the surface of the world.

  1. Doorfail
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    On startup Supply Drop can autostart with a configurable delay between drops. Loot will be placed on the surface of the world within the world border.
    • Config options to avoid or spawn under
      • water
      • lava
      • leaves and other plants
    • Config option to avoid any player made blocks
    • can be configured to avoid your spawn area
    • Also works with void world, but intended for factions
      • Will spawn 20 - 80 blocks above the void
    Customizable loot in config file. Loot can be a simple item, or command, or both.
    Lag friendly
    • Customize how often checks occur
    • Customize the proximity of the checks
    • Customize the sounds effects
    If you are OP make sure you give yourself supplydrop.bypass false if you want to be able to trigger proximity events. supplydrop.bypass true useful to avoid detection for moderation.

    supplydrop.timer - allows you to force start and stop the event - allows you to trigger loot to drop on a player/location instantly

    Commands: alias /sd
    • /supplydrop start - waits configured amount of minutes then drops loot
    • /supplydrop stop - stops current and pending event
    • /supplydrop OR /supplydrop location OR /supplydrop loc
      • tells players where to look for loot if one is active
    • /supplydrop place [playername] - give random loot to player
    • /supplydrop place [x] [y] [z] - places random loot at location
      • if a player is with 100 blocks, they will get the loot
    /supplydrop time [value] - amount of time in minutes to before starting drop

    In the future support for multiple drops at the same time

Recent Reviews

  1. Sirbikesalot90
    Version: v1.1
    Super easy to read config. One of a kind plugin. This is perfect for my factions server! The developer is super friendly and replies quickly.
  2. huppa71
    Version: v1.1
    Perfect. The Plugin is easily customizable has never failed for me and overall just good! keep making stuff like this
  3. TropicalShadow
    Version: v1.1
    Wow, Great Plugin!!! the config was easy to edit and works straight off the bat smooth as butter. Keep up the great work!!!