Supply Drops 1.0

Randomly spawning supply drops around the world with boss fights and customizable rewards!

  1. Kunj
    Supply Drops
    1.8 Compatible
    This plugin allows chest containing items to be randomly spawned around the world. The loot within the chest is completely customizable, as well as the "Rare Chest" tag, which displays the location of the crate in chat and means the chest will contain a boss fight upon opening of it.

    Follow the format below. The integer preceding the radius tag allows you to change the radius in which the crates will spawn (Ex: Entering 1,000 allows crates to spawn within -1000 to 1000 on both X and Z axes).
    Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.37.20 AM.png
    '/EnableSupplyDrops': Allows supply drops to spawn.
    '/DisableSupplyDrops': Disables the supply drops ability to spawn.
    '/ForceSupplyDrop': Forces a supply drop to spawn.
    supplydrops.enable: Access to /enablesupplydrops
    supplydrops.disable: Access to /disablesupplydrops
    supplydrops.force: Access to /forcesupplydrop

    If you'd like any features or find any bugs, please let me know, thank you!