SupremeHomes | For when you only need Homes 1.6

SupremeHomes is a light-weight SQL based Home system

  1. Styyxx
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    • /home - Go to a default home if no home is provided, else to a specific home
    • /sethome - Set a home. If no name is provided a home with the name 'default' is created. If a name that is provided matches an existing home, it updates that homes location.
    • /delhome - Delete a home
    • /listhomes - List all homes
    • /guihome, /ghome, /gh - Open a GUI that contains a list of homes.
    • supremehomes.base - Allows the use of /home and /listhomes
    • supremehomes.sethome - Allows the use of /sethome
    • supremehomes.delhome - Allows the use of /delhome
    • supremehomes.admin - Those with this permission will get notifications when a new version is released.
    • SupremeHomes uses HikariCP to manage its SQL connections. Insuring fast and stable database access.
    • SupremeHomes uses a GUI library made by Github user SamJakob (SpiGUI)
    SupremeHomes uses MySQL to store data. The plugin will not work without a SQL server.
    • host: Set this to your SQL host.
    • port: Set this to the port your SQL server uses.
    • database: Set this to the database SupremeHomes should use to store data.
    • username: Set this to the username SupremeHomes should use
    • password: Set this as the password to the provided username's account.
    • prefix: Set this to the prefix you wish the plugin to use in chat messages.
    Problems? Ideas?
    Submit any problems or ideas you have to the Github issues page.
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