SupremeTP 1.1

Random Teleportation within set coordinates. /wild will perform this random teleportation!

  1. SirSwiftness
    Looking for a plugin with the /wild feature?

    well SupremeTP does exactly that!

    Before You decide to download come test on a factions server that uses my other plugins (Unreleased/Custom)

    When you perform /wild it will randomly tp you within a certain coordinates. At the moment there is no config to edit the coords but by default it is X = 4000 Z= 5000.

    * Please note this is my first ever plugin, so updates may be slow as Im still learning Java.
    * Ill be adding a config in next update to edit coordinates :)!.

    Please comment improvements as i will try to make this plugin bug free!

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  1. StrafedYT
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks for this! Really helps with factions server! 5* + Friendly supportive developer. Cant wait for further updates from you!
  2. miaomiaojiang
    Version: version 1.0
    good updata
    1. SirSwiftness
      Author's Response
      Ive been really busy sorry! Will be recoding this plugin shortly! Thanks for the review