Survival Classes 2.5

Adds classes to vanilla survival. Great for Factions and Towny servers.

  1. worthless_hobo
    lillefty (Contributor), bigeyetuna (Tester)

    == Survival Classes ==

    Survival Classes is a plugin I developed to add a new element to survival (or faction/minigame) servers. This plugin adds classes based on the armor that you are wearing. These effects are given on a timer that runs every 5 seconds. This should not cause any lag (I've tested it and noticed no extra RAM usage) You will see a bunch of small star particles if you have equipped the class correctly. Newest version adds Per-World Support in the config, also fixes various bugs, and coded more efficiently. This new version is made with the spigot server but should still work with CraftBukkit.

    Here is a basic informational video of the Survival Classes plugin in its current update made by TheCraftKing. Please subscribe to his channel for more plugin tutorials and other cool videos.

    Pyro does in fact work with any sword it's just a 50% chance. Diamond kit is removed but construct still works as of the 2.5 update. The Ender kit will literally shoot an enderpearl exactly where you are pointing, even at 100 blocks away if the chunk is loaded.

    == Wardrobe ==
    * There is now a /wardrobe command which opens a menu where you can equip whichever class you would like just by clicking the button.
    * Permission: classes.wardrobe

    == Classes ==

    Currently there are **16** classes:
    * Ranger
    * Miner
    * Assassin
    * Adventurer
    * Knight
    * Mage
    * Thor
    * Pyro
    * Spirit
    * Farmer
    * Necromancer
    * Reaper
    * Scorpion
    * Ender
    * Sniper
    * Construct

    Default permission is OP.

    == Ranger ==
    The ranger is used by equipping full leather armor, it gives the player raised damage with bows and makes them move faster.
    # Permanent Speed 1.
    # Bows do 2 extra damage.
    * Permission: classes.leather

    == Miner ==
    The miner is used by equipping full iron armor, it allows players to mine quicker and see in caves without the use of torches.
    # Permanent Haste 2.
    # Permanent Night Vision.
    * Permission: classes.iron

    == Assassin ==
    The assassin is used by equipping full chainmail armor, it makes the player invisible but makes them weaker.
    # Permanent Invisibility.
    # Permanent Weakness 1.
    * Permission: classes.chainmail

    == Adventurer ==
    The adventurer is used by equipping full gold armor, it gives you more health and stops your hunger from going down.
    # Permanent 8 health bonus.
    # Permanent Saturation.
    * Permission:

    == Knight ==
    The knight is used by equipping 2 pieces of iron and 2 pieces of chainmail, (Signifying platemail armor) you take less damage but hit slower.
    # Permanent Damage Resistance 1
    # Permanent Slow Digging 1
    * Permission: classes.iron.knight

    == Mage ==
    The mage is used by equipping full Rose Red leather armor, when you are a mage you can shoot fireballs with your staff!
    # Right click blaze rod in your hand to shoot a fireball, takes 3 fire charges from your inventory.
    # Mage gets speed 1 buff from leather armor.
    * Permission: classes.leather.mage

    == Thor ==
    The thor is used by equipping full Dandelion Yellow leather armor. when you are thor you deal 1 bonus damage with axes and strike opponents with lightning!
    # Hitting enemies with axes deal 1 bonus damage and strike enemy with lightning.
    # Thor gets speed 1 buff from leather armor.
    * Permission: classes.leather.thor

    == Spirit ==
    You are the spirit! Equip full White leather armor and soar through the air.
    # Speed 1
    # Right click with any sword while on the ground to fly in the direction your facing! This works as long as there is a block at least 2 below you.
    * Permission: classes.leather.spirit

    == Pyro ==
    You are the flame! Equip full Orange armor to light enemies on fire!
    # Speed 1
    # You have a 50% chance to light anyone you hit with a sword on fire.
    * Permission: classes.leather.pyro

    == Reaper ==
    You are death! Hit enemies with your scythe to decay their life away. Equip Black leather armor.
    # Speed 1
    # Iron hoes inflict Wither 3 for 2 seconds.
    * Permission: classes.leather.reaper

    == Farmer ==
    Ever felt like growing crops faster? Ever wanted to grow trees insanely fast? Try Lime Green leather armor with some Fertilizer!
    # Speed 1
    # Lime Green dye (fertilizer) grows crops by 4 stages. (That's 2 fertilizer to completely grow any crop.)
    # Fertilizer grows trees instantly.
    # Fertilizer turns dirt into grass.
    # Ink Sacs (nether fertilizer) grow nether wart instantly.
    # Nether fertilizer turns dirt into mycelium.
    * Permission: classes.leather.farmer

    == Necromancer ==
    Spawn the reapers horse. Light Gray armor somehow lets you summon undead steeds.
    # Speed 1
    # Right click with 16 bones to summon a ride-able Skeleton Horse.
    # Right click with 32 rotten flesh to summon a ride-able Zombie Horse. (You need a minimum of 33 in your inventory because of a Bukkit bug D:)
    * Permission: classes.leather.necromancer

    == Scorpion ==
    You are the venom! Use your stinger to poison enemies. Equip full Cactus Green leather armor.
    # Speed 1
    # Hitting someone with the hook of a fishing rod gives them poison 2 for 2 and a half seconds.
    * Permission: classes.leather.scorpion

    == Ender ==
    Ever wanted to instantly teleport far away? Equip full Magenta leather armor.
    # Speed 1
    # Right click with gold hoe to shoot an enderpearl at high speed. Takes 4 ender pearls. Looks a little strange but teleports you to the right spot.
    * Permission: classes.leather.ender

    == Sniper ==
    Think you're a good bowman? Well maybe this is the class for you! Full Gray leather armor.
    # Speed 1
    # Bonus bow damage depending on how far away you are, further away equals more damage.
    * Permission: classes.leather.sniper

    == Construct ==
    You are animated by magic making you invulnerable to poison, drowning, suffocation, and starvation.
    # Special diamond armor made from emeralds instead of diamonds.
    # No damage from poison, drowning, suffocation, or starvation.
    * Permission: classes.diamond.construct

    ==Master Permissions==
    The latest update includes the following master permissions for easier access.
    --classes.leather.*: true
    --classes.iron.*: true
    --classes.diamond.*: true
    --classes.leather.thor: true
    --classes.leather.mage: true
    --classes.leather.spirit: true
    --classes.leather.reaper: true
    --classes.leather.pyro: true
    --classes.leather.farmer: true
    --classes.leather.necromancer: true
    --classes.leather.scorpion: true
    --classes.leather.ender: true
    --classes.leather.sniper: true
    --classes.leather: true
    --classes.iron: true
    --classes.iron.knight: true
    --classes.diamond.construct: true

    ==Want to try it out?==
    Want to try out this awesome plugin before you add it to your server?
    You can see all kinds of ways to use this plugin including Minigame classes or just plain survival.
    * Check out our website at:
    * Check out our server at:

    == Future Updates ==
    * More classes.
    * Config for customization.
    * More particles effects.

    == Metrics ==
    This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

    * A unique identifier
    * The server's version of Java
    * Whether the server is in offline or online mode
    * The plugin's version
    * The server's version
    * The OS version/name and architecture
    * The core count for the CPU
    * The number of players online
    * The Metrics version

    *Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.
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