Survival games with guns! 1.3BETA

Survival games with guns is minigame plugin where you play survival games, similar to hunger games.

  1. minelazz
    WARNING, THIS PLUGIN IS OUTDATED(INACTIVE). I am maybe going to pull out some updates in the future

    Survival Games with guns!


    Survival games with guns is minigame plugin where you play survival games, similar to hunger games. The plugin is fully configurable and user friendly!
    PS; Guns and weapons can be disabled if you want to use this as a normal survival games plugin!

    Feel free to test the plugin at

    • Guns and other custom weapon (Requires the plugin crackshot)
    • Custom texture and sound (With a custom resource pack)
    • Full automation
    • Randomly filled chest
    • Auto game start
    • Spectators
    • Lobbies with multiples of maps
    • Map voting
    • Statistics stored in a MySQL database (Optionally)
    • Points pallet (top tree)
    • Easy setup
    • Lightning and thunder on player deaths (Simulate cannons)
    • Multiworld Support
    • Plus many, many more features

    Do you want some more, send me a message or comment


    If you want to use the gun feature is CrackShot required.

    Getting started
    Note; If you want to use the gun feature is CrackShot required.

    Step 1, Create a lobby
    1. Create a lobby with /sg createlobby <lobby name>
    2. Create a lobby spawnpoint with /sg set
    3. Optionally, create a sign wall, with /sg addwall <lobby name>. Used as a join sign and a info wall
    4. Setfallback location to for all the lobbies /sg setfallbacklocation. This is used when the game ends
    Step 2, Create a map
    1. Create the map with /sg createmap <map name>
    2. Use the stick to mark two points (left and right click)
    3. Add the spawn points /sg setspawn <map name> or /sg setspawn <map name> <number>
    Step 3, link the map and the lobby together
    1. Use /sg link <map> <lobby>
    Please take note that you can only link the map to one lobby. This is to prevent that two lobbies or more play on the same map.

    And you are now done! If you want to add a deathmatch arena too, follow step 4

    Step 4, create a deathmatch arena (Optionally)
    1. Use /sg setdeathmatchspawn <map> or /sg setdeathmatchspawn <map name> <number>
    Setup guns;
    If you want to use the gun feature, follow this tutorial close.

    1. Set "Guns-Enabled" in the config file to true

    The next step is to create a custom weapon, I am going to use ak-47 in this example.

    2. Hook into the config at the crackshot plugin, go to defaultWeapons (you can also go to defaultExplosives or defaultAttachments) 3. Then, find the weapon you want to configure.

    Here is how the ak-47 config look like;

    Item_Name: "&eAK-47"
    Item_Type: 417
    Item_Lore: "&eFullyautomaticwithhighpower.|&eEffectiveatmediumrange.|&eControlsareinverted."
    Sounds_Acquired: BAT_TAKEOFF-1-1-0
    Right_Click_To_Shoot: true
    Cancel_Left_Click_Block_Damage: true
    Cancel_Right_Click_Interactions: true
    Delay_Between_Shots: 4
    Recoil_Amount: 1
    Projectile_Amount: 1
    Projectile_Type: snowball
    Projectile_Speed: 40
    Projectile_Damage: 4
    Bullet_Spread: 2
    Sounds_Shoot: IRONGOLEM_HIT-1-2-0,SKELETON_HURT-1-2-0,ZOMBIE_WOOD-1-2-0
    Enable: true
    No_Recoil: true
    Bullet_Spread: 1
    Enable: true
    Shots_Per_Burst: 2
    Delay_Between_Shots_In_Burst: 3
    Enable: true
    Reload_Amount: 30
    Reload_Duration: 40
    Sounds_Out_Of_Ammo: ITEM_BREAK-1-1-0
    Sounds_Reloading: FIRE_IGNITE-1-1-4,DOOR_OPEN-1-2-6,FIRE_IGNITE-1-1-36,HURT_FLESH-1-0-37,DOOR_CLOSE-1-2-38
    Type: slide
    Close_Duration: 10
    Close_Shoot_Delay: 12
    Sound_Close: PISTON_RETRACT-1-2-0,PISTON_RETRACT-1-2-3
    Enable: true
    Zoom_Amount: 5
    Zoom_Bullet_Spread: 0
    Sounds_Toggle_Zoom: ENDERDRAGON_WINGS-1-2-0
    Reset_Hit_Cooldown: true
    Enable: true
    Sounds_Shooter: SHOOT_ARROW-1-2-0

    4. Change the Item_Type to the id /item you want to use.

    5. Change the name if you want, "Item_Name: "&eAK-47". (The item will then spawn in the chest with this name)

    6. Go back to the config at the survival games plugin and add this

    Total-Weapons: 1 #Need to be the same as the amount as the weapons you have listed
    Material: IRON_BARDING # The item you use as the weapon, in this case used i the id 417(Iron horse armor)
    CrackShot-Weapon: AK-47 #The crackshot weapon

    You can check the items name's here

    Commands and permissons
    • /sg addwall <Lobby> -Setup a new lobby sign wall. Permission: survivalgames.addwall
    • /sg createlobby <lobby name> -Create a new game lobby. Permission: survivalgames.createlobby
    • /sg createmap <map name> -Create a new map. Permission: survivalgames.createmap
    • /sg forcestart <lobby> - Force start the lobby (the lobby time). Permission: survivalgames.forcestart
    • /sg join <lobby> - Join a lobby! Permission: survivalgames.join
    • /sg leave - Leave the current game or lobby you are in. Permission: survivalgames.leave
    • /sg link <map> <lobby> - Link a map to a lobby. THIS IS REQUIRED!. Permission:
    • /sg lobbylist - List all the loaded lobbies. Permission: survivalgames.lobbylist
    • /sg maplist - Get a list of all loaded maps. Permission: survivalgames.maplist
    • /sg removelink <map> <lobby> - Remove the link between a map and a lobby. Permission: survivalgames.removelink
    • /sg setdeathmacthspawn <map> <nummber> - Add a deathmatch spawnpoint to a map.Permission: survivalgames.setdeathmacthspawn
    • /sg setfallbackLocation - Set the fallback location you get to when the game is over. Permission: survivalgames.setfallbackLocation
    • /sg setlobbyspawn <lobby> - Set spawnpoint to a lobby. Permission: survivalgames.setlobbyspawn
    • /sg setspawn <map> <nummber> - Add a spawnpoint to a map. Permission: survivalgames.setspawn
    • /sg spectate <lobby> or <map> - Spectate a map or a lobby. Permission: survivalgames.spectate
    • /sg vote <map number> - Type /sg vote for a list of maps. Permission:

Recent Updates

  1. Removed debugs messages
  2. Selection tool fix
  3. fix link

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    why i cant selector the map? i have use Map Selector
    1. minelazz
      Author's Response