Survival Portals 1.4

A portal system for vanilla survival that feels like something made for vanilla

  1. CookleNine
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Survival Portals is made to be as simple to use as possible, and to be used for long distances transportation for players & entities. I first started making this thinking it would be a day project, but it turned into a week long affair. This plugin was made to be as vanilla feeling as possible and thus, refinements took most of that time.

    Basic Instructions:
    The portals work sort of like the portals from Stargate, but that wasn't on purpose. To use you place obsidian on the ground like an end portal, than you light the portal. The portal will search every block under the obsidian & the four corners for the "portal id" which is based on those blocks.

    Final Notes:
    The portals all link to the oldest portal with the same id, so you could have one portal you built first at your base get linked to by any new portals. This works between dimensions, thus probably works with the many worlds plugin. This means you'll have to get some other plugin to make this plugin only be used in specific dimensions, but that's not hard.

    Proof of Concept:

    Behavior Proof of Concept:

    ~ /portals help - help page
    ~ /portals reset - resets config to defaults
    ~ /portals save - saves config to file is there are unsaved changes
    ~ /portals print <filter> - prints config file with a filter string

    Known Bugs as of Now:
    ~ none

    Things to be Added/Changed:
    ~ more commands
    ~ 2.0 will be using non-deprecated ways of saving material data
    ~ anything requested within reason

    More Random Info:
    I came up with the idea a while back when I was walking around 80k on a server, but at first I thought a homes plugin was all that really needed to be added. Years later I was thinking about how commands just aren't vary immersive/vanilla, and than I randomly remember that really long walk. That's when I decided to make this plugin because I was hoping to develop my skills in java. I had made some other random private plugins, but I really wanted a challenge. After that I set out on my quest to learn a new programming language which was fun coming from python. I hope to keep this plugin updated for anyone who wants to use it.

    Your Rights?:
    You are free to decompile & use any code if you feel like it, but if you do give me credit please that's all I ask of you.