SurvivalCraft 0.5-2

HungerGames like plugin !

  1. pitiqui
    Hello ! I made a fresh plugin for HungerGames only for BungeeCord severs.

    It's simple ! Just set the max-player in, and the game will start when the server is full ! They will be a invincibility time, which can be configurable in the config file, they will be a scoreboard for the remaining players etc... When only 1 player remain, the game will end with a beautiful firework ! And then, the server will restart or just reload a new map, and you can play again ! Care, the plugin will create a new map called sg, and sg_nether.


    • Walls of bedrock for the map
    • Map centered at 0,0, and the map is limited by 1000x1000 (can be configurable)
    • 1 minute of invincibility after the start of the game (can be configurable)
    • Restart the server and regenerate a new map after (can be configurable)
    • Compass which points to the nearest player ! (can be configurable)
    • Spectator mode when you die or when you join a current game ! (will be configurable)
    • TP for the spectator mode !
    • Scoreboard !
    • Firework !
    • The kick time at the end of the game ! (can be configurable)
    • Nether support !
    • Multi world support !
    • Surrender !
    • MOTD change as the server status !
    • And other things ! (or not)
    • /sc start: Force the start of the game (op)
    • /sc end: Force the end of the game (op)
    • /sc tp <player>: Teleport you to the targeted player (spec)
    • /sc surrender: Surrender, so you turn in spectator mode
    Just put the plugin jar in your plugins folder, and that's all ! If you want the server restart, you have to modify the server run file. This is not necessary, but can be cool for the server.
    On Windows :
    java -jar craftbukkit.jar
    goto start

    On Linux
    while true
    java -jar craftbukkit.jar

    And that is all ! Thanks for reading, download it, test it, keep it, and comment it ! If you find a bug, mail me at [email protected] with all the information, i'll respond in less than 24 hours !

    Known bugs
    - Winner is not chosen (FIXED)

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  1. ItzPaddy
    Version: 0.5-2
    Nice Plugin. But can you add Server Signs?

    I mean something like this:

    Players klick on the sign, and Join from the Lobby Server to the Hunger Games Server. If the Game is full, the Sign will show a free Server.


    instead of Bedrock, use worlds border. After a configurable time, the world border will be smaller and smaller.

    (Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Germany, and i learn English.)