SurvivalDuels 1.0

A simple SMP duels plugin

  1. Math0424
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Survival duels is a simple SMP(SurvivalMultiPlayer) focused plugin
    It offers an easy way for players to fight each other without dying

    To start a duel simply shift-click another player with a sword or an axe
    Then to initiate the fight the other player will do the same

    When the fight starts each member will be able to hit each other and when the killing blow is dealt the damage will be negated and a winner declared

    this way players can fight without dying

    Suggestions, comments, questions? join the discord!

    *if a player falls from a height of 15 blocks and takes enough damage to die they will actually die and lose the duel, this is to avoid any exploits.
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