SurvivalFIX 1.2.1

Small but needed survival features

  1. TegnerCodes
    SurvivalFIX adds some small but needed features that doesn't exist in default minecraft.

    SurvivalFIX needs TegnerCore to run on your server.

    * AutoRespawn
    * Hunger command that displays hunger level in percentage.
    * Health command that displays health in percentage.
    * Every feature can be turned on/off.
    * Check for updates on server startup.

    Commands & Permissions:
    /hunger - Displays hunger level in percentage - survivalfix.command.hunger
    /health - Displays health in percentage -

    Feature requests:
    If you wan't something in the plugin just pm me and i'll look at it.

    Checking for updates:
    SurvivalFIX checks for new updates on server startup.
    It will not download them but it will display a message in the console.

Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility for mc 1.9x
  2. API fix
  3. Love for the horse