SurvivalGamesCore Kits [Addon] 1.0

You want kits in sgcore? Well then this will give you kits in sgcore!

  1. aXed
    Note: I did not create this plugin official author is Tibo442. I'm just giving this since I no longer need it :)


    This plugin is for SurvivalGamesCore It will add the options to select and kit when teleported to the arena. Kits work with permissions and the GUI automatically opens when being teleported.

    Kits (with permissions!)
    Randomize chest loot!

    A brain

    • Drop sgkits.jar into your plugin folder.
    • Disable survivalgamescore to configure the plugin.
    How to

    1. Make sure your inventory is clear.
    2. Give yourself the kit items.
    3. Do the following command: /sgkits addkit <name> <slot>
    4. Example: /sgkits addkit archer 11
    5. Hold an item and do: /sgkits setitem <kitname> (This will set the GUI icon)
    6. Repeat for every kit you want.
    NOTE: Look out with editing the config it is really easy to screw this up! Only use commands for editing.


    • /sgkits (Gives you an help menu with commands)
    • /sgkits addkit <kitname> <slot> (Adds a kit)
    • /sgkits removekit <kitname> (Removes a kit)
    • /sgkits getkit <kitname> (Gives you the said kit name)
    • /sgkits setitem <kitname> (Sets the GUI item of the kit)
    • /sgkits setmaxsize <amount> (Sets the size of the GUI chest)
    • /sgkits setslot <kitname> <slot> (Sets the slot of the kit)
    • /sgkits openmenu (Opens the GUI menu)

    • sgkits.kitname (For kits)
    • sgkits.admin (For everything else)


    Works with:
    SurvivalGamesCore Beta V1.2.1
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