SurvivalInvisiframes 2.1.0

Let your players use 1.16's invisible item frames in survival mode!

  1. v2.1.0 - Add support for 1.17+ glow item frames

    In versions 1.17 and above, invisible item frames can be crafted with a glowing ink sac to create glowing invisible item frames
  2. v2.0.0 - Remove invisible slimes

    Completely remove invisible slime capability from the plugin.
    If slimes stick around after updating, run "/minecraft:kill @e[type=minecraft:slime]"
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  3. v1.8.1 - Fix frames not becoming invisible if glowing slimes are disabled

    Thank you Minestick for reporting
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  4. v1.8.0 - Add glowing item frame capability

    Configuration option to make invisible item frames visible and glowing when they have no item in them.
    The glowing slime functionality will be removed in a future update.
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  5. v1.7.0 - Add configuration for recipe center item and add "/iframe setitem" command

    The recipe center item is now configurable!
    It uses an "exact match" so potion data or other nbt data will be saved in the recipe
  6. v1.6.0 - Add config and force-recheck command

    There's now a configuration option to enable/disable invisible slimes and a command to recheck slimes for all loaded invisible item frames
  7. Add support for more protection plugins

    Bumped the event priority from NORMAL to HIGHEST which prevents load-order-based fighting for event cancellation
  8. Add glowing slimes for invisible item frame highlighting

    Allows for easy detection of invisible item frames without items
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  9. Performance Improvements

    Removed task interval and replaced with individual task timers
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  10. Add enchantment glint