SurvivalPlots 2.0

The ideal application with UUID-support for Survival servers with chunk-based plots.

  1. maol3
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    All messages are configureable

    Please NOTE: This plugin is designed to run on 1.13 servers ONLY. It will NOT work on 1.12 servers.

    This is a free, chunk-based plot system for Survival servers. The idea with this application is to claim your spawn as Server-owned land, and optional is to have roads in each direction where players may claim their own plots. As a player owning a plot, you will have the opportunity to trust people to build on the plot. It is fully customizable which blocks and materials you want to protect from interacting with in the plot area. The plot owner decides whether trusted players shall have access to the protected blocks or not.

    SurvivalPlots is fully compatible with Vault economy, but it is not a dependency. The plot system will work without economy as well.


    - Claim your own plots
    - The first plot is always free
    - Protects land from people placing and breaking blocks
    - Protects all entities on the plot from being interacted with
    - Floating water or lava from neighbours will be prevented
    - Trust your friends on the plot
    - Choose whether your friends shall have access to protected block and entities or not
    - Players may name their plots
    - GUI for managing plots
    - GUI for listing all your plots
    - Allow plot selling if you want it
    - Set the price for claiming plots
    - Set the percentage player gets back when unclaiming
    - Set different plot limits for different permissions
    - Allow players to extend their plot limit for money
    - Optional to set multiplier for extending plots (higher price when extending plot limit multiple times)
    - BungeeCord support
    - UUID support
    - MySQL support (MySQL only atm)
    - Supports multiple servers if you want
    - Fully customizable which blocks to be protected from interacting with
    - Plot owner's name in ActionBar while traveling through plots
    - Most messages can be customized in config
    - Vault support
    - No dependencies

    Player commands:
    /plot claim - Claims the plot provided that the plot belongs to Wilderness, the player can afford it and has not reached or exceeded their plot limit.
    /plot unclaim - Unclaims the current plot provided that the player owns the plot. The player will get money back when unclaiming, depending on your configuration.
    /plot trust <player> - Trusts the player to build on your plot. They can also interact with protected blocks if you have enabled it. You can have a maximum of 16 trusted players per plot.
    /plot untrust <player> - Untrusts the player from your plot.
    /plot info - Prints information about the current plot.
    /plot sell <price> - Sells the current plot for given price provided that the player owns the plot.
    /plot buy - Buys the current plot provided that the plot is for sale, the player can afford it and has not reached or exceeded their plot limit.
    /plot list - Lists all plots to your belonging.
    /plot name <name> - Sets the name of your plot. Will show up when listing your plots.
    /plot lock <true:false> - If enabled, trusted players on your plot will not be able to interact with protected blocks and entities on the plot.
    /plot extendmax - Extends your plot limit by one more plot, if this feature as well as economy is enabled. Tells the player the price and if they are sure they'd like to do it.
    /plot extendmax confirm - Confirms the purchase.
    /plot help - Prints information about all the commands.

    Moderator commands:
    /spm setprice <price> - Sets the price for claiming plots.
    /spm serpercentage <percentage> - Sets the percentage players gets back when unclaiming plots.
    /spm sale <true:false> - Sets whether plot selling is allowed or not.
    /spm purgeplayer <player> - All plots belonging to mentioned player will be pruged.
    /spm purgeplot - Current plot will be purged from the plot owner.

    Admin commands:
    /spa claim - Claims current plot as Server-owned land.
    /spa unclaim - Purges the plot from Server-owned land.
    /spa purgeall - Purges all plots on your server. Warning, this can't be undone.
    /spa reload - Reloads the SurvivalPlots configuration.

    Code (Text):
    survivalplots.plot - Required for access to any of the /plot subcommands.
    survivalplots.claim - Access to /plot claim.
    survivalplots.unclaim - Access to /plot unclaim. - Access to /plot trust.
    survivalplots.untrust - Access to /plot untrust. - Access to /plot info.
    survivalplots.sell - Access to /plot buy. - Access to /plot sell.
    survivalplots.list - Access to /plot list.
    survivalplots.list.others - Access to /plot list (other players' plots). - Access to /plot name.
    survivalplots.lock - Access to /plot lock.
    survivalplots.extendmax - Access to /plot extendmax.

    survivalplots.mod.setprice - Access to /spm setprice.
    survivalplots.mod.setpercentage - Access to /spm setpercentage. - Access to /spm sale.
    survivalplots.mod.purgeplayer - Access to /spm purgeplayer.
    survivalplots.mod.purgeplot - Access to /spm purgeplot.

    survivalplots.admin.claim - Access to /spa claim.
    survivalplots.admin.unclaim - Access to /spa unclaim.
    survivalplots.admin.purgeall - Access to /spa purgeall.
    survivalplots.admin.reload - Access to /spa reload.

    survivalplots.plotlimits.default - Grants access to given amount of plots under Default in configuration. Default is 9. This permission is granted by default.
    survivalplots.plotlimits.vip1 - Grants access to given amount of plots under VIP1 in configuration. Default is 16.
    survivalplots.plotlimits.vip2 - Grants access to given amount of plots under VIP2 in configuration. Default is 24.
    survivalplots.plotlimits.vip3 - Grants access to given amount of plots under VIP3 in configuration. Default is 36.
    survivalplots.plotlimits.admin - Grants access to given amount of plots under Admin in configuration. Default is 2147483642 (maximum amount possible).

    Default configuration:
    Code (Text):
        Host: localhost
        Database: survivalplots
        User: root
        Pass: root

        Server: 1
        MainWorld: world
        ClaimPrice: 500
        PercentageBackOnUnclaim: 75
        AllowPlotSale: true
        MinimumForSalePrice: 50
        MaximumForSalePrice: 1000
        MaximumEntitiesPerPlot: 96
        SendHelpMessageOnWildness: true
        ExtendMaxPlotsForMoneyPrice: 50000
        ExtendMaxPlotsMultiplier: 1.2
        ExtendMaxCommand: pex user {1} add {2}
        ProtectUnclaimedPlots: true

        Default: 9
        VIP1: 16
        VIP2: 24
        VIP3: 36
        Admin: 2147483642

        - CHEST
        - FURNACE
        - ANVIL
        - BEACON
        - REPEATER
        - COMPARATOR
        - DROPPER
        - DISPENSER
        - HOPPER
        - JUKEBOX
        - NOTE_BLOCK
        - STONE_BUTTON
        - OAK_BUTTON
        - BIRCH_BUTTON
        - OAK_DOOR
        - SPRUCE_DOOR
        - BIRCH_DOOR
        - JUNGLE_DOOR
        - ACACIA_DOOR
        - DARK_OAK_DOOR
        - OAK_TRAPDOOR

        ClaimedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have claimed the plot for &9${1}&7.'
        ClaimedFirstPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Grats, you have claimed your first plot. You will get it for free!'
        MissingMoney: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you are missing &9${1}&7 to claim this plot.'
        PlotTaken: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, this plot belongs to &a{1}&7.'
        YouOwnPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You already own this plot.'
        InvalidWorld: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not claim more plots on this server.'
        MaxPlots: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not claim more than &9{1}&7 plots.'
        ClaimUsage: '&7Claims current plot if it belongs to Wilderness.'
        UnclaimedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have unclaimed your plot and been refunded &9${1}&7.'
        UnclaimedFirstPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have unclaimed your only plot. The next one will be free.'
        NotOwner: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you do not own this plot.'
        UnclaimUsage: '&7Unclaims current plot if you own it.'
        TrustedPlayer: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is now trusted on this plot.'
        BannedPlayer: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is now banned from this plot.'
        BeenTrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have been trusted to build on one of &a{1}s&7 plots.'
        TooManyTrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You may not trust more than 16 players on the plot. Revoke trust for someone to be able to do this.'
        CantTrustYourself: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You may not trust yourself on the plot.'
        CantUntrustYourself: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7If you want to unclaim the plot, you can do so by typing &a/plot unclaim.&7'
        CantBanYourself: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You may not ban yourself from the plot.'
        CantUnbanYourself: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You may not ban yourself from the plot.'
        PlayerNotTrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is not trusted on this plot.'
        PlayerAlreadyTrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is already trusted on this plot.'
        PlayerAlreadyBanned: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is already banned from this plot.'
        PlayerNotFound: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is misspelled or has not ever logged in on the server.'
        TrustUsage: '&7Trusts someone to build, open doors and chests on current plot.'
        BanUsage: '&7Bans someone from entring your plot.'
        UntrustedPlayer: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have revoked trust for &a{1}&7 on your plot.'
        UnbannedPlayer: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have revoked &a{1}&7s ban on your plot.'
        BeenUntrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 has revoked trust for you on one of their plots.'
        UntrustUsage: '&7Revokes trust for someone on your plot.'
        UnbanUsage: '&7Revokes ban from someone on your plot.'
        PlotInfo: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7This plot belongs to &a{1}&7.'
        IsTrusted: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1}&7 is now trusted on this plot.'
        PlotForSale: '&7This plot is for sale, for &9${1}&7 (&a/plot buy&7).'
        NoOwner: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7This plot has no owner. If you would like to claim it for &9${1}&7, type &a/plot claim&7.'
        InfoUsage: '&7Prints information about current plot.'
        NoLongerSelling: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You are no longer selling your plot.'
        InvalidPrice: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The price can not be lower than &9${1}&7 or higher than &9${2}&7.'
        SellingPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You are now selling your plot for &9${1}&7.'
        PriceNotInteger: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The price must be an integer.'
        PlotSellingDisabled: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Plot sale is now allowed at this time.'
        SellUsage: '&7Sells your plot for given price.'
        PurchasedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have bought &a{1}s&7 plot for &9${2}&7.'
        PlotSold: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7One of your plots have been sold to &a{1}&7 for &9${2}&7.'
        AlreadySold: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, this plot has already been sold.'
        NotForSale: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, this plot is not for sale.'
        BuyUsage: '&7Buys current plot, provided it is for sale and you can afford it.'
        YouOwnNone: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You do not own any plots yet.'
        PlayerOwnsNone: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The player &a{1} &7does not own any plots yet.'
        YouMayClaim: '&7You may claim another &9{1}&7 plots.'
        ListUsage: '&7Opens a teleport GUI showing your plots.'
        ListOthersUsage: '&7Opens a teleport GUI showing the players plots.'
        NameUsage: '&7Sets the name of the plot.'
        ExtendMax: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7This purchase will extend your plot limit with one more plot and it will cost you &9{1}&7. Type &a/plot extendmax confirm &7to continue.'
        ExtendedMax: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you have reached the limit and may not extend your plot limit any further.'
        ExtendedSuccessfully: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Grats, your plot limit has been extended by one for &9{1}&7.'
        MissingMoneyExtend: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you are missing &9{1}&7 to do this.'
        ExtendMaxUsage: '&7Pay to extend your plot limit.'
        SetClaimPrice: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The price for claiming plots has been set to &9${1}&7.'
        SetPriceUsage: '&7Sets the price for claiming plots.'
        InvalidPercentage: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The percentage may not be lower than &90%&7 or higher than &9100%&7.'
        SetPercentage: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The percentage you get back when unclaiming plots has been set to &9{1}&7.'
        PercentageNotInteger: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The percentage must be an integer.'
        SetPercentageUsage: '&7Sets the percentage you get back when unclaiming plots.'
        ModSaleTrue: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Allowing plot sale has been set to &atrue&7.'
        ModSaleFalse: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Allowing plot sale has been set to &cfalse&7.'
        ModSaleUsage: '&7Allows players to sell their plots if enabled.'
        NoPermission: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You do not have permission for this command.'
        PlayerPlotsPurged: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7All plots has been purged for &a{1}&7.'
        PurgePlayerUsage: '&7Purges all of mentioned players plots.'
        PlotPurged: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The plot has been purged from &a{1}&7.'
        NoPlotOwner: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7This plot belongs to Wilderness.'
        PurgePlotUsage: '&7Purges current plot.'
        PurgeAllVerify: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Are you sure that you would like to purge all plots on the server? This can not be undone. Type &a/spa purgeall confirm &7to continue.'
        AllPlotsPurged: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7All plots has been purged.'
        AllPlotsPurgedBc: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7All plots on the server has been purged by &a{1}&7.'
        PurgeAllUsage: '&7Purges all plots on the server. This can not be undone.'
        ServerClaimedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have claimed the plot as Server.'
        ServerClaimUsage: '&7Purges current plot and claims it as Server.'
        ServerUnclaimUsage: '&7Unclaims current plot from Server.'
        ConfigReloaded: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The configuration has been reloaded.'
        ReloadUsage: '&7Reloads the SurvivalPlots configuration.'
        PlayerOwned: '&3&l~{1}'
        ServerOwned: '&e&l~Server'
        Wilderness: '&7&l~Wilderness'
        ClaimPlotHelp: '&7To claim this plot for &9${1}&7, type &a/plot claim&7.'
        ClaimFirstPlotHelp: '&7To claim your first plot (free), type &a/plot claim&7.'
        NoBuild: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not build right here.'
        NoBreak: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not break blocks right here.'
        NoServer: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not modify land belonging to Server.'
        NoBucketFill: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not fill your bucket right here.'
        NoBucketEmpty: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not place it right here.'
        NoEntityInteract: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not interact with entities right here.'
        NoBlockInteract: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not do this right here.'
        NoArmorStandInteract: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not do this right here.'
        NoArmorStandPlace: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Du får inte placera utrustningsställ här.'
        TeleportedToPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7You have been teleported to the plot.'
        LockedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The plot has been locked.'
        UnlockedPlot: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The plot has been unlocked.'
        LockUsage: '&7Protects entities from being hit by trusted players.'
        FullEntities: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7The entity may not be spawned at this time because you have reached the mob limit on this plot.'
        CannotSpawnChicken: '&6[SurvivalPlots] &7Sorry, you may not spawn more entities at this plot.'
        BannedFromPlot: '&c&lSorry, you are banned from this plot.'

    Optional dependencies:

    Vault - Lets you charge your players for claiming the plots. The first plot is always free though.

    Any suggestions? Please let me know!

    Unless you mind, please leave a review!


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