SurvivalPlus (Survival+) 2.1.1b

Adds new contents and experience to Minecraft Survival gameplay

  1. FattyMieo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    DarkBladee12(ParticleLib), RolynDev(NoPos)
    Languages Supported:
    Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
    For all users, please follow the Installation section below to install the plugin.
    Welcome to SurvivalPlus
    Adds new contents and experience to Minecraft Survival gameplay

    Experimental Servers

    Suitable for SP and MP
    Best with PvE, PvP, Survival, Semi-Vanilla
    Works well in Hunger Games, UHC, Walls

    • Pimped to improve Survival experience
    • Dedicated for challenging high-tier combat
    • Done with more utilities in crafting
    • Created for useful hacking tools
    • Mixed with Biology and Chemistry
    • Come with new visuals
    • Implemented with various status management
    • Given Compass, never get lost
    • Constructed Chairs, rest with ease
    • Built-in simple Local Chat
    • Hidden Secret Artifacts in the world
    Community Language Pack:
    1. Open plugins/SurvivalPlus/config.yml
    2. Change "Language" into one of the following options: EN, ZH_Simplified, ZH_Traditional
    3. Save the file and reload the server
    1. Mimic a language file and save it as "lang_<Name of language pack>.yml". Alternatively, download one of the Community Language Packs.
    2. Open plugins/SurvivalPlus/config.yml
    3. Change "Language" into <Name of language pack>
    4. Save the file and reload the server

    Resource Pack
    A Resource Pack is bound with the plugin.
    It's updated every time the plugin updates.

    A default resource pack URL is now provided in config.yml.

    If you have other resource packs in your server, you can manually download the Resource Pack via the URL provided below.
    Latest Version: 2.1.0
    For Windows user, you can use the Resource Pack Maker to generate Resource Pack. (Outdated)

    For other platforms, there are multiple packages in "resourcepack" folder of the downloaded zip, follow the instructions in README.txt.

    You have to put Resource Pack in config.yml

    Code (config.yml):
      EnableResourcePack: true
      ResourcePackURL: ''
    • Set EnableResourcePack to true
    • Set ResourcePackURL to your resource pack download link.
    Alternatively, just copy this link and paste it, if you have enabled all the features.
    (If you don't, textures for disabled features will be retained)

    You can also watch these tutorial videos.
    For Windows:

    For other platforms:

    Setup Resource Pack:

    config.yml Tutorial
    You can disable certain features or change values by doing the following:
    1. Open plugins/SurvivalPlus
    2. Open config.yml
    3. Save the file after editing and reload.
    Let's take a look in the config.yml
    Code (Text):
    Version: 1.0
    Version is used to alert when you have updated the plugin but not the config.yml. Simply check this tutorial for any new configurations added and change the version to the latest.
    Code (Text):
    Language: EN
    Language is the translation used on items and system messages.
    Language can be either Official Language Pack or custom Language Pack.
    Code (Text):
      EnableResourcePack: true
      ResourcePackURL: ''
      NotifyMessage: true
    • EnableResourcePack allows you to configure whether you would like the plugin itself to handle the Resource Pack or by other plugins.
    • Set ResourcePackURL to your resource pack download link, will cause errors if it is not done. Has default link to the official resource pack. (Official resource pack is designed for SurvivalPlus' all features; please manually remove unwanted textures when a feature is turned off)
    • Set NotifyMessage to false to disable Resource Pack Notifications.
    Code (Text):
    LocalChatDist: n
    LocalChatDist is the distance between players for local chatting to send.
    Turned off by default. (n = -1)

    Value Range
    • n = -1 : Local Chat Disabled
    • n = 0 : Talking to yourself.
    • n > 0 : Chatting to players at n blocks away.
    Code (Text):
      Enabled: true
        Axe: true
        Pickaxe: true
        Shovel: true
        Hoe: true
        Shears: true
        Hammer: true
        Flint: 0.5
        Stick: 0.25
      Torch: true
    Set to false to disable certain features.
    Code (Text):
      SharedWorkbench: true
      BedFatigueLevel: true
      SlowArmor: true
      ReinforcedLeatherArmor: true
      Bow: true
      RecurveBow: true
      MedicalKit: true
      ReducedIronNugget: true
      ReducedGoldNugget: true
      StatusScoreboard: true
      AlertInterval: 20
      RawMeatHunger: true
      EmptyPotions: true
      PoisonousPotato: true
      CookieHealthBoost: true
      BeetrootStrength: true
      FoodDiversity: true
        Enabled: true
        PurifyWater: true
        MeltSnow: true
        DrainRate: 1.0
      CompassWaypoint: true
      Clownfish: true
      FermentedSkin: true
      RedMushroomFermentation: true
      LivingSlime: true
      FishingRod: true
        Bread: true
        Cookie: true
        Enabled: true
        MaxChairWidth: 2
        - WOOD_STAIRS
        - BRICK_STAIRS
    Set to false to disable certain features.
    • AlertInterval: Set to 0 to disable alerts, otherwise it shows alerts in this interval.
    Code (Text):
      Saddle: true
      Nametag: true
      PackedIce: true
      IronBard: true
      GoldBard: true
      DiamondBard: true
      ClayBrick: true
      QuartzBlock: true
      WoolString: true
      WebString: true
      Ice: true
      Clay: true
      Diorite: false
      Granite: false
      Andesite: false
      Gravel: true
      Slimeball: true
      Cobweb: true
    Set to false to disable certain recipes.
    Code (Text):
      CanRepair: true
      ValkyrieAxe: true
      QuartzPickaxe: true
      ObsidianMace: true
      GiantBlade: true
      BlazeSword: true
      NotchApple: true
      GoldArmorBuff: true
    Set to false to disable certain legendary items.

    Now let's have a tour about this plugin!

    Survival Guide (Essential Knowledge)

    Getting started
    First of all, wooden tools and golden tools are removed.
    So how can you survive without wooden tools?

    Fear not, a new bunch of new items are added within this plugin.

    Understand the usage of tools
    • Punching wood? Nope. You must use an Axe for breaking any wooden blocks.
    • Digging dirt with your bare hands? Nope. You must use a Spade for breaking any sandy blocks.
    • Breaking stone? You must use a Pickaxe for breaking any hard blocks.
    • Gathering fruits or vegetables? You must use a Hoe for harvesting crops.
    • Placing artificial blocks? You must use a Hammer for placing.
    • Cut strings or disarm TnT? You must use a Shears for cutting.
    Survive and thrive
    First, find some trees. Gather some sticks by breaking the leaves.
    • Leaves have 25% chance to drop 1 stick, otherwise no drop.
    Sticks are also obtainable from Saplings.


    Next, find some gravels. Gather some flints by breaking them.
    • Gravel has 50% chance to drop 1 flint, otherwise no drop, by breaking with bare hands.
    Gravel is usually found near lakes, rivers, extreme hills, caves, and cliffs.

    Hmm, if you can't find any gravel in your area, try the following method if it's available:

    Recipe is mirrorable

    Now you can make a Hatchet with these two items.

    Recipe is mirrorable

    Break down some logs with your Hatchet, convert some logs into planks and sticks.

    Now you can make a Mattock.

    Recipe is mirrorable

    Next, find some stones. No, you can't break dirt straight down to find stones yet, you will need a shovel.

    Hence, find a cave, or a mountain. Gather stones, and if you're lucky, get some coal too.

    To make a workbench, you need the last tool, Hammer.

    Recipe is mirrorable

    It is used to make workbenches and build artificial blocks.(See below)

    Get a weapon
    You can choose either using a Stone Sword or Shiv as your basic weapon.

    Shiv adds poison effect on hit, but with less damage.

    Recipe is mirrorable and partially shaped

    Harvest cows and sheep to obtain Leather and String(from Wool)


    If you are thirsty, craft a Bowl to obtain water.
    Simply throw 1 Bowl into a water source, it will become a Water Bowl.

    Drinking it will quench the thirst, but purified water is recommended when cauldrons are affordable. (See section Food & Water > Thirst).

    Plan and craft
    Then, you craft a Workbench like so:

    Recipe is shapeless

    With your workbench, you can upgrade your tools to stone tools.

    With a shovel, digging Gravel is less risky to get a flint.


    We need to go deeper
    Need to discover the underground? You'll need Torches.

    But you need to make a Firestriker for igniting.

    Recipe is shapeless

    Recipe is shapeless

    Firestriker can also be used like flint and steel, cook some meat, smelt some simple items.

    It has a durability of 8. Right-click on the ground to set it on fire.

    To use the smelting option of a firestriker, right click while sneaking.


    1. Put unsmelted/uncooked items in the smelting slot.
    2. Click on the result slot to smelt/cook one item.
    3. To exit, either click on the Firestriker or press Escape.
    Firestriker Recipes:
    • Any cookable Food
    • Charcoal
    • Glass
    • Brick

    To make a Furnace, further works are required.

    Start gathering some Clay by breaking clay blocks, or:

    Recipe is shapeless

    Turn clay balls into Brick with Firestriker, it's an essential material for making furnaces.


    Make your own Furnace in the workbench.


    Now you can smelt ores with Furnace.

    Settle down before sunset
    Time to settle, make sure you bring the workbench with you, it's important.

    Make some Chests to store your items.

    Build your house
    This is where hammer comes in handy.
    All artificially crafted blocks (eg. planks) can only be placed when with the use of a hammer.
    Put a hammer on the off hand, your blocks on the main hand, start building your house!

    Each placed block has 10% chance to reduce hammer's durability by 1.
    More Recipes (Have a glimpse)
    Recipe is shapeless

    Recipe is shapeless

    Recipe is shapeless


    Packed Ice
    Recipe is reversible

    Recipe is reversible

    Quartz Block
    Recipe is reversible

    Recipe is shapeless

    Recipe is shapeless

    Strings from Cobweb

    Strings from Wool
    Recipe is reversible


    Horse Armor
    Recipe is mirrorable

    Recipe is mirrorable

    Recipe is mirrorable

    Name Tag
    Recipe is mirrorable
    Shared Workbench (Craft with your friends!)
    [​IMG] Shared Workbench
    When a player is using a workbench, another player can access the same workbench and share the crafting.

    Pro: Craft something fast without having to pass materials between players.

    Con: Others can steal your stuff when you're crafting. Challenging gameplay in Hunger Games or UHC.
    Food and Water (Essential Survival Keys)

    caps at 40 points, reduced when exhaustion point reaches the maximum. If Thirst drops to 0, the player will suffer from dehydration and loses health.
    • Water Bowls restore 20 points
    • Water Bottles/Potions restore 18 points
    • Milk restores 30 points
    • Mushroom Soup restore 12 points (Hunger is restored too, hybrid)
    • Melon restore 6 points
    [​IMG] Purify Water
    Water Bottles can be obtained by right-clicking a glass bottle into a water source, but it's not purified and not safe to drink.

    Drinking impure water has 60% chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

    To get rid of that risk, follow the instructions below:

    1. Make a Cauldron and prepare a fuel block.[​IMG]

    2. Light the Cauldron with fire.

    3. Fill the Cauldron with water.

    4. Fill the glass bottles with this purified water.
    Purified Water is safe to drink, no poison effects.

    Pour Water out of Container
    The liquid in Containers can be poured to obtain an empty container.

    Empty Water Bowl

    Empty Water Bottles

    Empty Potions
    (Useful when obtaining potions with negative effects and wanting to undo it.)

    Glass Bottles can be reused again without consuming it.

    Raw Meat

    Raw Meat will cause food poisoning, with a chance of 80% (Previously only Raw Chicken)

    Food Poisoning will stack if more raw meats are eaten.

    Better cook your meat before eating!

    Farm Products
    Farming isn't just wheat, eggs too.



    Beetroot Sandwich (Removed)

    • Hunger Restoration: 5 (Originally 3)
    • Saturation Point Restoration: 12 (Originally 7.2)
    [​IMG] Cookies as Saturated Snacks
    Cookies can increase your health when you eat it more and more.

    Eating one of these will add a stackable 30 seconds of Health Boost.

    Eating a cookie when Health Boost's duration is at least:
    • 15 seconds: Gains Health Boost I, 2 extra hearts([​IMG][​IMG])
    • 1 minute: Gains Health Boost II, 4 extra hearts([​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG])
    • 3 minutes: Gains Health Boost III, 6 extra hearts([​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG])
    The more you eat, the stronger you are!

    Cookie's Saturation Point restoration has been increased from 0.4 to 5.

    [​IMG] Beetroot as Power-Ups
    Beetroots can increase your strength when consumed.

    Eating one of these will add a stackable 10 seconds of Strength.

    Strength can be stacked up to a maximum of 30 seconds.

    [​IMG] Poisonous Potato as Antidote
    Poisonous Potato can purge all Potion Effects (like Bucket of Milk), and it's stackable.

    However, eating one of these has 60% chance to get Poison for 4 seconds.

    You can make a Poisonous Potato like this:
    Recipe is shapeless


    You can check your hunger or thirst by typing /status
    2 bars
    representing Hunger and Thirst will be shown to the player.
    The bars are also presented when consuming items. (If ScoreboardStatus is not enabled)

    /status can have one argument to show specific details
    • all - show all status
    • hunger - toggle/show hunger value
    • thirst - toggle/show thirst value
    • fatigue - toggle/show fatigue level
    • nutrients - toggle/show nutrient values
    Alerts will be displayed when either one drops down to a dangerous value. (Scoreboard Mode is off)

    Food Diversity
    Why should you only eat one type of food? Let's make some variations.

    Nutrients in the food are divided into 3 types:
    [​IMG] Carbohydrates
    • Mainly grains and sugars
    [​IMG] Protein
    • Mainly meat, poultry, and milk
    [​IMG] Vitamins and Salts
    • Mainly vegetables and fruits
    Here's a detailed chart of all kinds of food. (WARNING: VERY DETAILED)

    Eating lesser of a type of food will cause malnutrition, which will cause serious negative effects.

    Remember, eat healthily!
    Fatigue (Sleep at night)
    [​IMG] Beds
    If a player is not sleeping for an entire night, fatigue level will increase.
    For each level of Fatigue:
    • Level 0 (Energized): No effects.
    • Level 1 (Sleepy): You felt your eyelids heavy, keep blinking.
    • Level 2 (Overworked): You felt your vision blurred, constantly blackout.
    • Level 3 (Distressed): You felt being enveloped by darkness, unable to see anything.
    • Level 4 and above: You collapsed on the ground, fatigued to death.
    This can force players to sleep frequently, instead of having overextending night events.

    Sleeping resets Fatigue Level to 0.
    Biochemicals (Industrial Production)
    1. Fermentation
    Fermented Spider Eye is used in brewing, and we are adding more fermentable items.

    [​IMG] Fermented Skin
    Rotten Flesh can turn into leather by this process.
    Fermented Skins can craft one Leather by combining 4 fermented skins (or rabbit hide).

    Recipe is shapeless

    [​IMG] Red Mushroom Fermentation
    Allows Red Mushroom to ferment items.

    Fermented Spider Eye
    Recipe is shapeless

    Fermented Skin
    Recipe is shapeless

    2. Cell Regeneration
    There is such a creature, who has the ability to reanimate itself after death.
    A scientist experiments to revive it and fight against his foes.

    [​IMG] Living Slime
    Slime can turn back to live by this process.
    Slime Block can become a Slime by combining 1 Ghast Tear with it.

    [​IMG] Ghast Tear
    • Properties of cell regeneration
    • Regeneration speed is about 1 second on Slime
    1. Place down the Slime Block.
    2. Throw a Ghast Tear nearby the Block.
    3. Watch it regrow!
    Red: Ghast Tear won't react with Slime Block
    Green: Ghast Tear will react with Slime Block

    Slime Trap

    Valuable Nuggets (Obtaining ingots easier)
    1 Ingot (Iron/Gold) can now yield only 4 Nuggets, instead of 9 Nuggets.

    Recipe is reversible

    Recipe is reversible

    This is to balance the usage of the Nuggets.
    Fishing (Fish, fish, FISH!)
    Fishing Rod's recipe has changed for balancing gameplay.
    Recipe is mirrorable

    Now using one more Feather as Bait and an iron ingot as Fishing Hook.

    Fishing Rod is now a two-handed tool. It can only be used in the main hand and an empty offhand is required.

    Made with stronger materials, Fishing Rod can now be used as a Grappling Hook!

    (I'm a Widowmaker fan :p)

    The rod can grapple when the hook touches an entity or a block.
    <!> Use it with caution as an improper grapple can lead fatal death.
    Breeding (Be a Farmer)
    It's weird to have instant baby chicks when breeding Chickens.
    • Chickens now lay 1-4 egg(s) instead of breeding a new chick.
    • Eggs have 100% chance to hatch a chick.
    Combat Changes (Fight for your life)
    [​IMG] Bow Loading
    Bow must be on your main hand
    You need to pre-load your arrows on your off hand.
    This means bow is a two-handed weapon.

    Visuals have been upgraded too.
    • Steve prepares his bow and arrows loaded.
    • Steve takes aim and ready to fire.

    [​IMG] Recurve Bow
    Much stronger, much accurate, much faster!
    Recipe is mirrorable

    With re-curvature, your bow fires arrow only when you fully load the bow.
    However, the arrow shot will travel in a straight line.
    The speed of the arrow is increased, hence its damage is higher.

    [​IMG] Medical Kit

    Three ingredients in the middle are switchable
    Can be used to heal self or an ally; it grants full health(10 x [​IMG]) in 5 seconds.
    • To heal someone, right-click on him/her with Medical Kit.
    • To heal yourself, sneak and right-click with Medical Kit.
    However, during the healing process, both of you MUST:
    • Not hurt by anything.
    • Not going too far.
    • The Healer must hold Medical Kit on hand.
    The Healer will be standing still while healing one, very vulnerable to surprise attacks.

    To cancel healing early, switch away from the Medical Kit.

    Reinforced Leather Armor Set
    To implement chain armor into the game, a few changes have been made for all armor sets.

    Reinforced Leather Hat (Gives 2 Armor [​IMG])

    Reinforced Leather Boots (Gives 2 Armor [​IMG])

    Reinforced Leather Tunic (Gives 5 Armor [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG])

    Reinforced Leather Trousers (Gives 4 Armor [​IMG][​IMG])

    Armors have been classified into two types:

    Light Armors

    • Material: Leather (Reinforced Leather)
    • Movement speed is normal
    Heavy Armors
    • Material: Metalic (Iron and Diamond)
    • Have minor movement speed suppression on worn
      • Helmet/Boots: -2% Movement Speed
      • Chestplate/Leggings: -3% Movement Speed
    Gold Armor
    According to ancient rumors, gold has potentially high-pressure resistance, may reduce brute force damage.

    A golden crown ascends a King, who talks goldish.
    You'll need 5 gold ingots and 1 emerald for a crown.
    Compass (Lead the way)
    These tools have been gained new uses.

    [​IMG] Compass
    can be used to locate a place, useful, never getting lost.
    • RIGHT BUTTON: Set a waypoint on player's location, the compass will always point to the waypoint.
    • LEFT BUTTON: Tell the player's coordinates.
    NoPos feature disables F3 coordinates showing to players, so getting a compass is important to tell where you are.
    [​IMG] Clownfish
    Want to go back home fast? Eat the magical Clownfish.
    You will be teleported to where the compass points at.
    Chairs (Decorative, sit down and rest)
    Create Chairs by these 2 components:

    Chair Base
    Add a base for the chair with the above materials, maximum chair length is 2 (configurable in settings).


    Add 2 sides with the above materials on the chair base.

    And...Wallah, you have a chair.
    • Right click on the chair when close to it to sit down.
    • Sneak to dismount from the chair.
    Snow (Bright, White!)
    Snow-related stuff has some revamps.

    [​IMG] Snowball
    Snow Block
    and Snow Layer recipes are disabled.

    Don't worry, there are alternatives!

    Snowball creates patches of snow layer when thrown on the ground.
    A fully stacked snow layer will turn into a snow block.

    An easy trick is to use snowballs for piling walls against archers.

    Snow Golem can be made by first piling up 2 snow blocks and puts a pumpkin on it.

    Breaking Snow Layer will give 1 (+ number of extra layers) snowball(s).
    Breaking Snow Block will give 8 snowballs.

    [​IMG] Snow Generation (Removed)
    Snow will form under leaves while snowing, this feature is toggleable.

    WARNING: It may cause minor lag spikes, if your server is too weak, considering disable this.

    Here's a snapshot of how it works:


    If you have preloaded the world, type /snowgen to regenerate snow layers for all saved chunks. (Do this before you publish the server)

    You can temporarily disable this feature by using /snowgen [on|off]
    Local Chat Features (Simple Chat System)
    Local Chat allows players to toggle between global or local channels.

    To toggle channels, type /togglechat.

    You can alternatively type /tooglechat global or /tooglechat local.

    Local Channel
    • Only players within 64 blocks can communicate
    • Useful for parties.
    • **Distance is configurable in settings
    Global Channel
    • All players can communicate with each other.
    Secrets (Whoa secrets!)
    There are hidden Legendary Items and Secret Recipes!

    I heard some of them are related to...

    ๒lคzє ๏๒รเ๔เคภ єภ๔єг ợยคгtz คקקlє ฬเtђєг

    Legendary items can also be repaired with certain method only.
    Code (View Secret Formula?):

    • /status : See section "Food and Water/Status"
      • Usage: /status [all|hunger|thirst|nutrients|fatigue]
      • Aliases: /stat, /s
    • /togglechat : See section "Local Chat Features"
      • Usage: /togglechat [global|local]
      • Aliases: /tc
    • /reload-survival : Reload the plugin individually.
      • Usage: /reload-survival
      • Aliases: None

    You can submit your creative ideas in the discussion.
    • Avoid modifications with massive changes on Original Minecraft.
    • Taking ideas which make Minecraft more realistic and logical.
    • Doesn't affect the fun of Minecraft.
    • Best compatible with Bukkit, which doesn't require additional client modifications.
    Any well-portrayed ideas may(I may not know how to do it) be added to the plugin :)
    Bug submitted by @InfinityAspire
    1. SharedWorkbench stability
    SharedWorkbench is not quite stable, occasionally "kicks" player out of workbench's interface and "eats" player's items.
    Mostly occurred in older versions, but upgrading from an older version will still have the problem.
    Might be fixed by resetting(breaking) the workbench.

    Bug submitted by @SenseiBub
    2. Unable to support multiple worlds yet.
    Struggling on reworking recipes, need to change them all to use Events.
    Overall, it's a time-consuming task.
    A quick fix is to use BungeeCord, which you can simply not use a plugin on a specific server.
    1. Golden Armor Revamp
      - If multiple pieces have Blast Protection enchantment, only the highest level's reduction is used.
    2. Multiple Worlds compatibility BungeeCord
    3. Temperature System
      - Don't get too hot or too cold
    4. Item Weight System
      - Unable to pick up more items if weight exceeds
    5. Fatigue level increases only by player's active time instead of increasing it on the specific time (night).
    6. Add precautions to Essential command: /workbench for Shared Workbench Feature
    7. Change item's name and lore automatically when it's taken from the Creative Inventory

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    Version: 2.1.0
    Wonderful plugin, especially when combined with other hardcore survival/realism plugins. It gives a unique challenge, even to veteran Minecraft players!
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      You can also download this as for a single-player challenge. :D
    Version: 2.1.0
    || One of the best resources for any survival/realism based server,
    || The ideas and mechanics slow the initial game down to a more
    || realistic pace and stop large groups of players dominating the
    || server too quickly,
    || While adding new "Hindering" mechanics is always a risky idea in
    || this instance i think it has been done extremely well as at no
    || point do they seem overly complicated or unnecessary.
    || The Configuration is good but i would like to see the ability
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    || Sidenote about the config: Love the fact you can define
    || your own url to use for a resourcepack.
    || A truly well executed idea and i can't wait to see what the future
    || holds for this plugin!
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your support!

      I don't think I will add custom recipes features because of these 2 reasons:
      1. You can do it with an external plugin.
      2. Minecraft is going to have custom recipes features soon enough.

      They should be compatible with this plugin since they will add on to the existing ones.
  4. Cherry9443
    Version: 2.1.0
    Great Plugin! I suggest having variable or papi support because the scoreboard is colliding with my other one! Also please add a feature where you can disable the scoreboard from in-game commands! thanks and great plugin
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      There's a command called "/status" that you can disable the scoreboard and switch to chat mode.
  5. oldy_K
    Version: 2.1.0
    Hey~Author! I am very interested in your plugin. I want to Reposted this plugin in our country's minecaft forum(巴哈姆特 and give our country's people use it. Can I do it? Thank's author!!
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      Author's Response
      Thank you for your compliment. :)

      Yes, but do make sure you have posted the DIRECT link towards this site; no redirects like URL shorteners or Ads redirects should be used.

      You may also post a link to the discussion so that everyone can see the re-post. >_<
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    Version: 2.1.0
    1.12, noice. :D
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    Version: 2.1.0
    I'm not sure that i'll use it. But it is 100% amazing. So many features, so cool new items. I think that it is possibly one of the best "global" spigot plugins. And if someone asks me about top-3 plugins, that change minecraft completely, i would definitely mention this one, as well as Slimefun and some other staff. Love the work you've made.
    But why you decided to make it free? It looks like a 10-15$ plugin. Or even more...
    I really like the way plugins are developing nowadays. It's really cool to give your players possibility to play modified minecraft without using complex mods, that really reduce the FPS.
    So no matter, if I use it or not, but thank you for your work. One more time, it's amazing!
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your compliment.
      I develop this plugin to share my ideas on what Minecraft Survival can be in my opinion. It's nice to see many people like it. Imaginations wouldn't be true if I never spent the time to make this plugin.
  8. Table_Salty
    Version: 2.0.7
    I love this plugin and that it is free, this is amazing beyond words It would be a 5 star if it was on the latest version all the time. Thanks :)
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      Updated to 1.12.2, sorry for the late updates :)
  9. ProjectSky
    Version: 2.0.7
    Awesome plugin, but not working on the 1.12+ version, Please update to the 1.12+ version.
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      Updated to 1.12.2, sorry for the late updates :)
  10. El_Saam
    Version: 2.0.7
    I really love this plugin and hope to see you updating this to 1.12 someday. Thanks! :)
    1. FattyMieo
      Author's Response
      Updated to 1.12.2, sorry for the late updates :)