SurvivalSkill[Skript] 1.0

A Tool Skill Plugins For Rpg Server

  1. Oskang09

    It is a Rpg Skill Plugins for the tool.Player can use the tool with permission and right click to the [ender portal frame].And It Takes some seconds and get the resources of tree,plant,fish,mines,grass , it good at rpg server bcause some rpg server didnt use tool in server so this plugins can help the tool get useful in server get resource with chance.

    How to install
    1. Requitment-Skript
    2. Install skript
    3. Go to the directory plugins/Skript/scripts
    4. Drop the in there
    5. Do /skript reload all
    6. Profit

    ->Special Tools
    ->Get Resource At [Ender Portal Frame]

    Planned Features

    ->Use Custom Recipe Get Tools
    ->Translate(Think At Next Update)
    ->Sound When Taking Resource

    • srv.admin.command - Use The Admin Command
    • mines.normal.use - For wood pickaxe tool permission
    • mines.common.use - For stone pickaxe tool permission
    • mines.epic.use - For iron pickaxe tool permission
    • mines.legendary.use- For golden pickaxe tool permission
    • For diamond pickaxe tool permission
    • fishing.normal.use- For Lvl 1 Fishing Rod Permission
    • fishing.common.use- For Lvl 2 Fishing Rod Permission
    • fishing.epic.use- For Lvl 3 Fishing Rod Permission
    • fishing.legendary.use- For Lvl 4 Fishing Rod Permission
    • For Lvl 5 Fishing Rod Permission
    • plant.normal.use- For wood hoe tool permission
    • plant.common.use- For stone hoe tool permission
    • plant.epic.use- For iron hoe tool permission
    • plant.legendary.use- For golden hoe tool permission
    • For diamond hoe tool permission
    • dig.normal.use- For wood shovel tool permission
    • dig.common.use- For stone shovel tool permission
    • dig.epic.use- For iron shovel tool permission
    • dig.legendary.use- For golden shovel tool permission
    • For diamond shovel tool permission
    • log.normal.use- For wood axe tool permission
    • log.common.use- For stone axe toolpermission
    • log.epic.use- For iron axe tool permission
    • log.legendary.use- For golden axe tool permission
    • For diamond axe tool permission
    • /survival help - show the plugins commands
    • /survival fishing-show the level of fishing rod
    • /survival dig-show the level of shovel
    • /survival plant -show the level of hoe
    • /survival log-show the level of axe
    • /survival level-show the level of the tool
    • /survival admin-show the admin commands
    • /survival packfishing-get the all of the fishing rod
    • /survival packmines-get the all of the pickaxe
    • /survival packdig-get the all of the shovel
    • /survival packplant-get the all of the hoe
    • /survival packlog-get the all of the axe
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