Survive Module | SprintModule | ONLY WORK WITH SURVIVE-MINIGAME 1.0

This is a module for the Survive-Minigame

  1. StreifenDev
    Survive is a MySQL based project wich is highly configurable and with a lot more features. The plugin is made for Minecraft version 1.8+, not tested with 1.7 or below.​
    Test Server:
    If you need help ask for it in the discussion section, not with a review.

    ⦁ Challenges
    ⦁ Challenge Module System
    ⦁ Own Challenges
    ⦁ API for Developers
    ⦁ Add unlimited Maps
    ⦁ Chest refill
    ⦁ Server restart when the game ends
    ⦁ Top Player stats wall
    ⦁ Titles, Actionbar, Tablist
    ⦁ Backupsystem
    ⦁ Instant TnT
    ⦁ Able to place cobwebs, cakes, fire....
    ⦁ Scoreboard
    ⦁ /start command
    ⦁ Statssystem
    ⦁ MySQL
    ⦁ Player Tracking
    ⦁ Mapvoting
    ⦁ Deathmatch
    ⦁ Spectatorsystem
    ⦁ Blocking Bugs with spectators
    ⦁ Spectatorspawns
    ⦁ Spectator teleporter
    ⦁ Highly customizable
    ⦁ Edit loot, INGAME!
    ⦁ Countdown in XP
    ⦁ Potions as loot
    ⦁ Server status MOTD
    ⦁ Challengestatssystem
    ⦁ Mapreset
    ⦁ Lobbysystem & Graceperiod
    ⦁ No other plugins needed
    ⦁ Permissions
    ⦁ Testserver
    ⦁ Epic loot edit
    ⦁ Edit INGAME breakable blocks
    ⦁ Map Backup Folder
    ⦁ Very good Code

    /map - You can setup the Arenas, with materials etc.
    /module - Manage your Challenges with the module system
    /stats - See your or other stats with Challengestats etc.


    ⦁ - Get informations about the plugin
    ⦁ survive.addarena - Add arenas
    ⦁ survive.addspawn - Add spawn
    ⦁ survive.maps - List the maps
    ⦁ survive.delarena - Delete a arena
    ⦁ survive.imode - Add items to the chest loot
    ⦁ survive.bmode - Add breakable blocks
    ⦁ survive.adddmspawn - Add a deathmatch spawn
    ⦁ survive.setlobby - Set the lobby spawn
    ⦁ survive.backup.create - Create a backup of a arena
    ⦁ survive.backup.load - Load a backup
    ⦁ survive.check - Check a arena
    ⦁ survive.sethead - Set a head for the ranking
    ⦁ - Get infos about the module system
    ⦁ survive.module.list - List modules
    ⦁ survive.module.install - Install a module
    ⦁ survive.stats - Show stats
    ⦁ - Show top
    ⦁ survive.break - Break blocks
    ⦁ - Place blocks

    The imode command will handle the Survive Chest loot. When you rightclick a item when you are in the imode you add it to the loot.

    For every Challenge you get own stats, so you can see your skill on every module.

    Please note that by buying this plugin you agree to the following!
    You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
    You may modify the code, but not crediting your self
    Only use it for your server/network!
    No refunds!​

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  1. Bolean
    Version: 1.0
    Seriously awesome and nice but please add more features and also add more command and perms and more fancy title and subtitle and actionbars