Swapper Minigame

A Minigame that swaps the players positions at a set delay.

  1. rafaellonghi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    WARNING: This plugin will only work with papermc server software!

    A little fun minigame made by Longhirar (aka rafaellonghi).
    All the players on the server are swapped at a set delay.
    The goal: Kill the other players without using PvP

    This plugin is built using PAPER-API 1.16.3, tho I'm pretty sure it can work on some other versions.

    ATTENTION: This plugin was made for fun, for me and my friends, I will not give any form of support for this plugin. Also there is no permission system, as i stated, its just for fun.

    Command /sw & /swapper

    /sw help | Show command usage.
    /sw start | Starts the Minigame
    /sw stop | Stops the Minigame
    /sw delay <delay in ticks> | Sets the delay. There are 20 ticks in a second, so 5 minutes is 6000 ticks