SwearPunishment v1.2

Get Punished when you Sweared! (None Case-Sensetive)

  1. AgentBeatzPH
    SwearPunishment v1.2

    Do not Download v1.1!

    What is it?
    It's a Plugin that can surely make Player don't swear, and It's 100% Customizable! Sounds, Punishments, and E.T.C.
    + It's Non Case-Sensetive!

    When everytime player swear they will get Punished!
    Code (Text):
    - fuck
    - shit
    - dick
    Sound: true
    Sound-#2: ANVIL_LAND
    Sound-#3: EXPLODE
    Messages: ' &6&lSwear&a&lPunishment &7» &fDon''t use that Word.'
    (Disable it when the Explode is Enable) Poison on Swear: true
    Blindness on Swear: true
    Smite: true
    Explode: true
    Throw: true
    Reload-Message: ' &6&lSwear&a&lPunishment &7» &fSwearPunishment has been Reloaded!'
    Help-Message-Line#1: '  §6§lSwear§a§lPunishment §7- §eCommands'
    Help-Message-Line#2: ' §7» §f/swearpunishment reload §7- §eReload the config'
    Help-Message-Line#3: ' §7» §f/swearpunishment soundlist §7- §eList of all Sounds'
    Soundlist-Message: '§bWhole List of Sounds: §ehttp://bit.ly/1Axm8St'


    /swearpunishment - for help in SwearPunishment
    /swearpunishment reload - Reload the Config

    /swearpunishment soundlist - For Whole list of Sounds

    Sorry for my Bad Grammar, Im from Philippines

    Accepting any Amount of Donation!
    Donate Here!

Recent Reviews

  1. Dexkum
    Version: v1.2
    thanks man, a simply and easy to configure plugin is what I was looking for, maybe adding some antiflood and antispam tools would be great