SwhSkyWE | ASkyBlock WorldEdit 2.2

ASkyBlock Island WorldEdit plugin with Economy Support

  1. Update 2.2 - Now you can add commands!

    From now on, you will be able to add commands at the end of the edit.

    How to use this feature?
    2 new values, use_commands (boolean) and commands (string list) are added to the config. You can enable commands by revaluing the use_commands value to true, and you can add your commands to the commands section. There are 2 variables & 1 prefix to use in your command. Variables are %player% and %blocks%, and the msg= is the prefix.

    Why & how to use the msg= command prefix?
    msg= prefix helps you to send messages to the player.
    To send a message to the player who does the edit process, just add msg= at the beginning of your line in the commands section, and you can write your message with color codes.

    This is the example from the config:
    Code (Text):
      - give %player% diamond 1
      - msg=&7You placed &a%blocks% &7blocks!
    Also I have added comment lines telling the messages, values & permissions. Have a nice day :)
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