SwhSkyWE | ASkyBlock WorldEdit 2.2

ASkyBlock Island WorldEdit plugin with Economy Support

  1. Bugfix

    A bug that causes placement without blocks was fixed.
  2. Update 2.2 - Now you can add commands!

    From now on, you will be able to add commands at the end of the edit.

    How to use this feature?
    2 new values, use_commands (boolean) and commands (string list) are added to the config. You can enable commands by revaluing the use_commands value to true, and you can add your commands to the commands section. There are 2 variables & 1 prefix to use in your command. Variables are %player% and %blocks%, and the msg= is the prefix.

    Why &...
  3. Update 2.1 - Economy Support Added!

    Now, you can use economy and withdraw money with Vault in every edit!
    In the config, there is a value named use_vault. It is true by default, since Vault is a ASkyBlock dependency, but you can replace it with false to stop economy features.
    There is also a price_per_block value, which will represent the amount of money taken from player in each block. It is 10 by default.

    So feel free to friend / contact me on Discord:...