Swift-Economy [MySQL] + API 1.0.5

Enhanced Economy System For Your Server

  1. tatemylove
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Swift Economy

    This plugin has been created to fill the void left by other economy plugins, such as a mysql based system. This will be the default economy plugin that I will use in all my "addons"

    /balance ~ Shows the player their balance
    /pay <player> <amount> ~ Pays a specific player

    /swift add <player> <amount> ~ Gives a player money
    /swift remove <player> <amount> ~ Removes money
    /swift reset <player> ~ Resets a player's balance
    /swift lock <player> ~ Stops them from buying/selling
    /swift unlock <player> ~ Unlocks an account

    swifteco.signs ~ Ability to create buy/sell signs
    swifteco.balance ~ Allows them to check their balance
    swifteco.reset ~ Allows them to reset a player's balance
    swifteco.remove ~ Allows them to remove money
    swifteco.add ~ Allows them to add money
    swifteco.lock ~ Locks an account
    swifteco.unlock ~ Unlocks an account

    - MySQL (Optional)
    - Configurations
    - Buy/Sell signs
    -Locking Accounts

    Other Plugins:

    -COM: Warfare
    -PM me if you use this plugin

    To create a buy sign, this is the format

    [Purchase] ~ First line
    <amount to give> ~ Second line
    <item name> ~ Third line
    <cost> ~ Fourth line

    To create a sell sign, this is the format

    [Sell] ~ First Line
    <amount to sell> ~ Second line
    <item name> ~ Third line
    <cost> ~ Fourth line

    For Developers:
    Code (Text):

    #I do not support static functions anymore, however, you can still use static functions with my non static functions

    #Initiate the SwiftEconomyAPI as an object with

    SwiftEconomyAPI swiftEconomyAPI = new SwiftEconomyAPI();

    #You're all set you can now access my API

    #To get the player's money DO NOT USE the getMoney function, as I already update that periodically through the plugin for you. Simply do this

    double money = SwiftEconomy.playerMoney.get(player.getName);

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