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This is an API to easily use the Symbols Resourcepack

  1. Michel_0
    Symbols API

    This library generates items used by the symbols resourcepack.

    Make sure, to always use the same API and resource pack version.

    • Easily receive all items provided by the resource pack
    • Clear, unique defined ENUM constants, no more magic damage values
    • Always up to date with the resource pack
    • Item flags to hide attributes and unbreakable included
    • Default names will be added automatically
    • Detailed JavaDoc included
    The symbols resourcepack uses the custom item model to add new textures to damaged diamond axes, which were tagged as unbreakable.
    Currently only unbreakable diamond axes were used. Everything else won't be affected.

    How to use:
    This is not a plugin. Don't just paste it into the plugins folder of a minecraft server.
    In order to use it, you need to download the JAR and import it into your IDE.
    The JAR contains the uncompiled Java source, so you can import it directly into your project source folder.
    JavaDoc is included inside the sourcefile. If you want, you could generate the JavaDoc websites directly out of it.
    A tutorial how to import it using Eclipse can be found here: TUTORIAL, follow the instructions at "Part A".
    Code (Java):
    // Get the item, ready to do anything you want with it (e.g. give it to a plyer):
    ItemStack coinItem = Symbols.COIN_RUBY.getItem();

    // List all available items:
    Symbols[] itemNames = Symbols.values();

    // Try to get an item by its name:
    String name = <the string you want the item for>.toUpperCase();
    try {
      ItemStack = Symbols.valueOf(name).getItem();
    } catch(IllegalArgumentException e) {
      // There is no symbol by this name
    Need additional Features or got some interesting ideas?
    Leave a reply and i'll add this or other functions if requested.

    Replys and ratings and suggestions welcome.
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