Sync 2.1.4

Send commands to a remote server!

  1. KaiNoMood
    All my plugins/programs are unsupported and will not be updated anymore. Most of them will not be available.

    Very useful if you own more than one server and want to run a command to the other server without switching between servers.

    All builds for my plugins can be found at this link:

    /sync list
    • shows a list with all servers name
    /sync all [command...]
    • execute the specified command on all servers
    /sync server [command...]
    • execute the specified command on the specified server
    /sync server1,server2,serverX [command...]
    • execute the specified command on the specified servers
    /sync reload
    • reloads the plugin (useful when you add another server)
    • sync.use - Permits all commands in all servers (default: op)
    • sync.reload - Reload the sync plugin (default: op)
    • sync.server.[serverName] - Permits to sync all commands to the specified server
    • sync.server.[serverName].[command] - Permits to sync the specified command to the specified server
    Set a database MySQL and a server name on the config.yml file

Recent Reviews

  1. GenFormil
    Version: 2.1.4
    Good functional plugin. Going to use it a lot, Thank you!!