SyncChest v1.3

Link chests and synchronize their content

  1. Aubli
    Welcome to SyncChest

    Do you often play team survival with your friends, but don't know how to manage your chests? Then SyncChest may be the answer!
    SyncChest synchronizes chest content. With that, you can play with a lot of friends but only with one main chest stock.
    SyncChest is Open-Source software, using the metrics statistics system.


    • Hardly configuration work
    • Support of almost all Bukkit versions
    • Full hopper support
    • Easy linking with a connector tool
    • Multi world support (linking between different worlds)
    • Support for Economy plugins (Vault required)
    • Fully translatable
    • Support of the UUID system introduced in Minecraft 1.8
    • Metrics statistics support
    • Open Source



    General config

    Config file entries:

    #Enable or disable the plugin
    enable: true

    #Enable or disable statistics
    enableMetrics: true

    #Enable economy features
    useEconomy: false

    #Language settings (see language setup)
    language: en

    #The wandItem is the Connector-tool. Default is the Blaze Rod
    wandItem: 369

    #Price for chests (Only if useEconomy: true)
    chestPrice: 10.0

    #Fee for open linked chests
    useFee: 1.5

    Language Setup

    SyncChest can manage all kinds of languages.
    Look here for an detailed Setup.
    Currently available language files included in the language Pack are:
    • English
    • German
    If you want your language in the plugin, translate it
    and send the file per e-mail at: [email protected]


    How to get Main- and RelatedChests

    1. Use this command to get MainChests:
      /sc main [Amount]
    2. Use this command to get RelatedChests:
      /sc related [Amount]
    How to link Main- and RelatedChests

    • Use the Connector item:
      1. Use this command to get the SyncChest-tool:
        /sc tool
      2. Left-click on MainChest
      3. Left-click on RelatedChest
    • Use the linking command:
      1. Use this command to get the SyncChest-tool:
        /sc tool
      2. Right-click one MainChest to get the id of the chest.
      3. Right-click one RelatedChest to get the id of the chest.
      4. Use this command to link the chests manually:
        /sc link [RelatedChest-ID] [MainChest-ID]
    Remove Chests, Hoppers and connections

    • Remove Chests, Hoppers:
      1. Destroy the block.
    • Remove Connections:
      1. Use the SyncChest-tool to get the chest id's.
      2. To remove Links use:
        /sc unlink [RelatedChest-ID] [MainChest-ID]

    1. Make sure you have permissions for creating and linking SyncChests. (Permissions are below)
    2. Enter this command to get your MainChests. The Amount is how many chests you want to place.
      /sc main [Amount]
    3. Place your MainChests wherever you want.
    4. Now the chests are registered in the SyncChest database.
    5. Enter the command to get the RelatedChest.
      /sc related [Amount]
    6. Place your RelatedChests where you want.
    7. Perfect! Now you have Main- and RelatedChests.
    8. Enter the command to get the SyncChest tool.
      /sc tool
    9. Right-clicks show informations about chests and Left-clicks link chests together.
    10. Link chests:
      1. Left-click one MainChest
      2. Left-click one RelatedChest
      3. Ready

    Permissions and Commands

    Most important Commands:

    All commands and permissions are here.

    /sc help ----
    /sc main ---- sc.chests
    /sc related ---- sc.chests

    /sc tool ---- sc.tool

    Using SyncChests: sc.use
    Connect chests:


    English video

    made by Jithin Sunny

    German video

    made by NiliBukkit


    Github: Source Code
    McStats: Plugin statistics

    Read the Curse Plugin Spotlight of SyncChest.

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Recent Reviews

  1. RTC
    Version: v1.3
    Tested on 1.9 and 1.11, not working, The infos DONT come up when clicking a chest w/ the wand
  2. Izza_
    Version: v1.3
    Good Plugin! I like it so much! There is no bugs so far and it looks good. My server loves this!! <3 <3.
    1. Aubli
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much.